Why I Blog

No one has ever asked me WHY I blog, but everything is done for a reason.

I blog because I am now living my passion: writing. I graduated w a BA in English Pre-Professional Studies from Southern IL Univ Carbondale, and have not done a THING w my degree since I received it…other than place it on the bookcase in my home. For 13 years, I have been at a job that uses NONE of my true gifts, and it wasn’t until I almost had a breakdown in 2012 did I realize where my stress was coming from…from the fact that I wasn’t writing. I knew I had to change that, so I prayed and quietly waited for my sign from God…

I created a series of blogs, and later, my own Social Media PR Firm! I have been writing for different bloggers, co-hosting blog talk radio shows, and I am simply just “writing”. I literally feel like I WANT to write until my fingers fall completely off of my hands. When I am at my job and I am feeling like I could give less than a damn about who is calling, I write. When I am in the passenger seat of a car, I pull out my Apple device and send a quick note to one of my blog pages. Whenever I have an off day from the 9-5, I hit up Starbucks and I come back home to write. I blog because feelings are important…and the way that I may feel could be what someone else is afraid to say. I blog not only because it frees my mind, but it may free someone else to be expressive in their own way.

I blog because blogging makes my spirit smile…you follow?

Stick w me.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Amanda
    Jan 05, 2013 @ 10:09:22

    I love it! This is so inspiring! Don’t ever stop writing doll.


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