7 Principles of KWANZAA: Day 2 (Dec27) "Kujichagulia"

photo taken from http://maulanakarenga.org

photo taken from http://maulanakarenga.org

Today’s focus principle is “Kujichagulia” (koo-jee-chah-goo-lee-ah), which means “self-determination”.

*Defined, this principle means “To define ourselves, name ourselves, create for ourselves & speak for ourselves ourselves“.

There is always beauty in knowing who you are as a person, to know and understand your God given name, living under the Will of God by using your gifts, and standing up for yourself w great confidence. Often times, life will come in like a mad wind and shake us up, sometimes even knocking us down. But in the day-to-day struggles, and while “getting back up again”, we musn’t forget who we are, lose the understanding of our name, we must continue to live under the will of God and use our gifts, and we must be strong and stand firm on our beliefs!

Speaking from a place of pain today, I have been shaken, and almost broken spiritually. However, after knowing that God is with me through it ALL, I can continue on as He sees fit! Life’s lessons aren’t always pretty, but they are shaping me into a stronger and more determined being. My head is bloody, but definitely not bowed; if I can look up, I can get up!

*information obtained was provided by the official Kwanzaa website.



7 Principles of KWANZAA: Day1 (Dec26) "Umoja"

photo taken from http://maulanakarenga.org

photo taken from http://maulanakarenga.org

*Dr. Maulana Karenga, creator of the Seven Principles of Kwanzaa or Nguzo Saba, had the desire to highlight or drive direct focus to the greatest qualities and characteristics of the “first fruits” or harvest festivals that were celebrated throughout Africa!

*Today’s celebrated principle is Umoja (oo-Moh-jah) which means “Unity”. Defined, this principle advises that success starts w unity; unity of family, community, nation and race!

We cannot have a community without first coming together and realizing that we are ALL integral in the building up of the community, and strengthening the bonds with each other! Faith in our communities will bring about a necessary CHANGE in our communities!

Stay tuned each day for information on all of the principles, which will be outlined here!


*all information researched was obtained via Dr. Karenga’s webpage, or from the *.