Do you have any idea how FREEING that is??

You can be as ANGRY as you want to be on paper…and at times, that helps you to get out those “loose” emotions…you know, the things you probably would regret actually “saying” to someone…

Try this 7BloggerDays list that I created, in an effort to get more of you writing. It doesn’t have to be a dissertation; it could be all pictures if you’d like! Just make sure you say SOMETHING!

JAN11: Your favorite moment

JAN12: Your favorite part of a really good movie and what you learned from it

JAN13: How you feel about social media

JAN14: Your favorite outfit

JAN15: Describe the last thing you cooked or (for those who don’t cook) describe your favorite meal

JAN16: **PICTURE** a picture of yourself and what was going on at that time

JAN17: A funny moment

Make sure you let me know about your post so that I can read! I will be doing the 7BloggerDays w you all!



The Urgency of FOCUS (34)

I would not be honest w myself or ANYONE else if I made my life out to be “crystal stair-ish”…my ish is NOT perfect by any means, and I don’t portray a person w a perfect life, but let me enlighten you…

DISCLAIMER: if you get your panties in a bunch about things relative to my life and how I feel about my blessings, that’s something YOU have to deal with. I’m not knocking the life of another; I’m writing about my own. Thank You (that’s for the softies who get “in their feelings”) LOL

My family dynamic is phenomenal AND RARE nowadays i.e. two parent household, all siblings by the same two parents, all children born after the marriage, parents married UNTIL death…all of those factors are dopetastic…but let me tell you; my family is NOT perfect. I don’t need to go into detail, but know this: EVERY FAMILY has some level of dysfunction; those relationships need improvement. Keep reading…

My lovely company (PRbyELLE77) will need to be tweaked, and often, if I am to remain in business. That’s not a perfect situation either, certainly will always need improvement…

My relationship w God–the most IMPORTANT of relationships that anyone could ever have, in my opinion–gets a BIG ole “needs improvement”…and in red letters though…

I need to workout PERIOD. I’m not fat, my last physical exam w my Doctor was awesome, but I am NOT in the mood for a gym, yet I complain about problem areas when the onus is on me…needs improvement…

Now…I just gave you FOUR areas in my life that need improvement (I only NAMED four…that’s not all; that’s just all I care to share). With that said, HOW ON EARTH do I have time to get off into someone else’s business? My focus must remain strong on those matters of importance to me, which are family ties, my PR firm, my relationship w God, the fact that I need to workout, etc. Someone said to me Monday–if we are what we eat, we are what we think. POWERFUL!!! I am not a bad person because I am not necessarily doing things on a “straight and narrow path”; some people will have to come to grips w that very fact alone, but I ALSO have to realize that my path, and the choices regarding said path, are MINE and mine alone. With my PR Firm, I cannot get discouraged if things aren’t smooth sailing INSTANTLY. I want to quit THE HELL out of my 9-5 EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY DAY…every dawg gone day lol BUT…instead of complaining about being at the job, I wake up and say to myself “I get to quit my job”–this is a fact! I WILL get the opportunity to quit, when God sees fit for me to leave! Changing my outlook on that has changed the way I handle the job! My relationship w God and the fine tuning that MUST come w that starts also w me. He has never ONCE left me; I’ve strayed away from Him. His arms remain open wide for me, so mine are open to receive the embrace that He will give to my spirit, granting me PEACE in the situations around me. Good Lord I need you…

The gym? Eeeeeeeeh…I’m not perfect LMAO!! But no, I will figure out the best plan for me, however in my planning, I can’t become angry that I don’t “look” a certain way in a certain amount of time. I have to come to grips w a slower metabolism, which means I will have to work that much harder. But it’s all for ME. A size six isn’t bad; but a TONED size six is what I’m looking for.

Bottom line: there is NOTHING more urgent than focus! NOTHING. If you’re focused, you won’t be shaken…I’m working on that daily…



It’s never too late to join either the Bloggers & Bags team, or our That Trendy Man team!

If you are interested in being a contributor to our family of blogs, email us at bloggersandbags@gmail.com (B&B) or at lovetrendymen@gmail.com (That Trendy Man).

We would love to have you!








Passion Plain & Simple

Sitting here thinking about everything that I would like to add to Lauran Smith Dot Com…and there’s nothing more refreshing than fresh “passion”..

I completely escape everything whenever I write…writing is passion for me…passion “feels” good…

I’m sitting here now listening to jazz, sipping a glass of white wine, and typing this blog to you, my supporters.

I just have to say “Thank You” for allowing me to invade your space, for allowing me to “passion” freely…I’m not perfect, but I am “passion”.

New Post to That Trendy Man!

Have you checked out our latest post to “That Trendy Man”?

Click the link! We are featuring our Principal Style Liaison Brian Smith of Chicago IL!

As always, check back frequently for style tips from him, as well as information on the various Authors who will submit to That Trendy Man!

I felt it was time for me to pay full tribute to some of my favorite fashions outside of my love for shoes! Men have some of the most amazing styles out, and I absolutely adore the way a trendy man puts himself together…and it doesn’t have to break the bank!



You may be wondering…why is there a picture of a notebook dead center in this here blog?

notebook pic

Well…this is a picture of the notebook that I used to keep track of all of the money that I spend in a day!

No, I don’t write down things like gas for my car, bills, or tolls, but I DO write down the deli run, a shirt from a favorite store, or vending machine purchases (for example). You would be SURPRISED at how much money you spend in a week!

I challenge you to HOLD YOURSELF ACCOUNTABLE! Keep Tabs On Your MONEY!

Taking an honest look at where that $5-$6 goes will make you do one of two things: stop spending, or get pissed off LOL! This notebook has forced me to hold myself accountable for those unimportant purchases that I make, AND I have now challenged myself in another way…for example, if I spend $5 at Starbucks, I will now force myself to save the same amount of money I spend…so I will now have to transfer $5 into my savings account for that purchase. I spend that daily at Starbucks, so I guess I’m now saving $5 a day! *whew* yes I’m pissed, but I am all about holding ME accountable above all else!

Try it and tell me how this is working for you!



First Few Days Of The New Year – SWEET!

So far, the new year has been great to me!  I am giving me all to my brand, I’m accepting new writers and contributors to my fashion websites, and I appreciate the support that I am getting from everyone! I know that everything won’t be peachy, but I can make the best out of any situation. I have goals to achieve, milestones to celebrate, and love to give; with all of that going on, I MUST keep my focus strong!

My advice to anyone “waiting for the right time” to start that business, create that blog, make that move…the time isn’t any better than right now. Even if you aren’t in the best position financially to go to the heights that you envision for yourself, start by writing out your plan. You will get so much accomplished by just “writing the vision and making it plain”! Once you can see it, you should believe in it and make steps to achieve it! I am a witness to faith in oneself; it works if you work it!
Lauran Smith Dot Com: CEO, Serial Entrepreneur, Contributor, Blogger, Editor, Deal Closer, "Jackie" of All Trades

Lauran Smith Dot Com: CEO, Serial Entrepreneur, Contributor, Blogger, Editor, Deal Closer, “Jackie” of All Trades

So Much Going On! (33)

I have been BUSY!!

I launched http://www.prbyelle77.com, I’m writing for a very popular blogger, I will soon host a blog talk radio show, and I’ve introduced Bloggers & Bags plus The Trendy Man to my brand!

To ready posts for B&B, visit the blog site for more! Also, check out The Trendy Man, the B&B brother blog!

Keep an eye out for more!


Just Excited To Write

I’m really in a great place right now…literally and emotionally…if I could write all day long, that would make me the happiest woman in the world…

Right now I’m sitting here thinking of things to improve Lauran Smith Dot Com


B&B is booming (here), The brother blog site The Trendy Man is about to take off–pics coming/info coming, everything is going according to the 2013 plan! I am excited to be…Lauran Smith Dot Com…

7 Principles of KWANZAA: Day 7 (Jan1) "Imani"

photo taken from http://maulanakarenga.org

photo taken from http://maulanakarenga.org

Today’s focus principle is “Imani” which means “faith”.

*”To believe w all our heart in our people, our parents, our teachers, our leaders and the righteousness and victory of our struggle”.

In order to believe in a thing or in a person, you must have faith. In order to effect change, you must have faith in your own abilities!

Our community struggles due to lack of faith. In looking back in the days past, the “village” was our saving grace. We had “faith” in the fact that our neighbors would watch out for our children and our homes; we need to put faith back into our communities! I’ve stated all week that it starts in the home, and extends outward; we need to get back to a space where we are showing our children what faith looks like and how it works! They are watching us…let them be the first to catch us rebuilding what was left to us by our predecessors…give them hope that they will have the same beautiful community!

*information obtained from the official Kwanzaa website. http://officialkwanzaawebsite.org

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