First Few Days Of The New Year – SWEET!

So far, the new year has been great to me!  I am giving me all to my brand, I’m accepting new writers and contributors to my fashion websites, and I appreciate the support that I am getting from everyone! I know that everything won’t be peachy, but I can make the best out of any situation. I have goals to achieve, milestones to celebrate, and love to give; with all of that going on, I MUST keep my focus strong!

My advice to anyone “waiting for the right time” to start that business, create that blog, make that move…the time isn’t any better than right now. Even if you aren’t in the best position financially to go to the heights that you envision for yourself, start by writing out your plan. You will get so much accomplished by just “writing the vision and making it plain”! Once you can see it, you should believe in it and make steps to achieve it! I am a witness to faith in oneself; it works if you work it!
Lauran Smith Dot Com: CEO, Serial Entrepreneur, Contributor, Blogger, Editor, Deal Closer, "Jackie" of All Trades

Lauran Smith Dot Com: CEO, Serial Entrepreneur, Contributor, Blogger, Editor, Deal Closer, “Jackie” of All Trades

12.12.12 My WebSite Launch! (32)

I am elated today because we are now at the official launch of my company website! (click the photo to be directed to the site!)


I am thankful for my own diligence w my company, even in a time where people suggested that I “wait”. For what? Starting a business takes money in the beginning, but fulfilling a dream is priceless…and this is a dream! My late Mother would be so very proud of me!

I want to thank everyone who genuinely believes in me, those who have entrusted their business/brand w my company, the love of my life for his support, Freddie Taylor of Nimble Websites for their hard work and dedication, and a special thank you to myself…for staying the course, making room for my gifts, remaining FOCUSED, and making a route for me to leave the job that is holding me back.  I am GRATEFUL today for the things that God is adding to me!  If you learn ANYTHING from me, please learn this:

It’s ok to have a dream and to work towards making that dream your reality! Write YOUR vision and make it plain; your first belief MUST be in yourself and your own abilities.  Once this is your focus, there will be nothing…AND I DO MEAN NOTHING…that will be able to stop that train!!!




Small Business Saturday (nov24.2012) was a success!  However, let’s do our part to support small businesses 365!

Today’s SmallBiz365 feature is Solo Noir For Men!

This is a skin care line dedicated to MEN, and this brand also offers great skin care tips, which are posted via Facebook and Twitter!

Please follow Solo Noir in the following places:

FACEBOOK: (search “Solo Noir For Men”)

Twitter: @solonoirformen


For information on where to find this product in your area, or to see how you are able to get this product in your area, please email or call 885.777.6636!

Thank You for your support of the SmallBiz365!


My Birthday Present!! (29)

I can’t believe it! In only FIVE DAYS, I will be only 35 years old. I am soooooooooo excited to see a new year of life, given the fact that I could have lost my life this summer!

As my birthday gift, I wanted to share w you–my WordPress Family–a Photo A Day Challenge that I created for Instagram (my handle is @mydearelle). We are seven days in (forgive me for not sending this to you all sooner), and soooooooo many are participating! I’ve made some new social media buds because of my little challenge!

For those unfamiliar, the “Photo A Day Challenge” is a fun game on Instagram that has been circulating for quite some time, where you are set w the challenge of taking or submitting a picture that aligns w that particular day’s assignment! For example, on the challenge that I created, today is the day to submit a picture of a puppy! Doesn’t matter if the puppy is yours, we just want to see a little puppy. Here is my challenge below; you can play “catch up” if you’d like:

Hashtag to use is #ellesphotochallenge

All you have to do is post your chosen photo to your Instagram account, and use the hastag #ellesphotochallenge! Whenever you use the hashtag, I will be able to see this, and I will instantly like your picture (unless it’s offensive or disrespectful). Those submitting their photos to Instagram are giving me one of the best birthday gifts ever! I typically celebrate November 12th ALL MONTH LONG, so why not celebrate this beautiful moment w all of you!

If you have questions, feel free to comment here and I will respond as quickly as I can! Have an AMAZING Hump Day! And thank you for celebrating my birth month w me by taking the challenge! 23 more days of a celebration of life!




Just One Moment (22)

ONE single moment can change your entire outlook on any given day…

July30th may not mean much to anyone–just a random Monday–however that was the day that I fought for my life. The Doctors came out of the operating room, into the waiting area, and told my Daddy “we’re losing her”; I’m NOT supposed to be here, but by God’s grace, I AM here. I will never look at July30th the same EVER again. That “moment” on the morning of July30th changed my life forever.

If a woman’s beau proposes to her on a Tuesday, whatever she experienced earlier that day will no longer matter; that four word question has changed her life, as well as his, and her Tuesdays from now until eternity will all be different.

You get into your car, headed to meet up w friends for a celebration, but you’re thrown off course because of a car accident, due to a driver running a red light. Your survival of/regrouping from that accident will change how you drive…even if you were not the cause of the loss.

We associate our life’s experiences w “moments”. The day you deliver your child will be associated w what you were doing the “moment” prior to labor lol. The day you got “that job” will be associated w what you were doing the “moment” you received the job notification! The smile that you may give a stranger in passing may be the very “moment” that they then made the decision to push through a difficult time, instead of jumping off of a cliff to their death. When “he” or “she” wholeheartedly expresses their love for you, (and you realize what it took for them to open up to you), will be associated w where the two of you were headed, what was on tv, whatever the “moment” may have been.

Moments matter, period. Life is simply a vast array of moments, waiting to be remembered. Creating beautiful moments won’t be just for you though, dearest readers. The smile you randomly give/gave may never reveal what that gesture may have done for someone else’s life, so just do it anyway–that’s creating a beautiful moment. It may be something that you’ve done out of habit; who says that habits can’t be good?


I have been thru an ordeal.  Although the details are not important, the Thanks to God are.

I have had two weeks in recovery (so far) to reeeeeally reflect on what happened, what could have happened, and what actually did happen to me.  In ALL of that, I give Thanks.

I was afraid, and I was in a tremendous amount of pain.  Even in the PAIN, I was thankful that the Angel in my life got to me in time.

I was so “out of it”…to the point that I even responded to a text message without thinking; as if everything was normal. The fact that I was even able to reach my phone to RESPOND to ANYTHING–crazy moment or not–I give thanks.

I’m thankful for my loved ones, who have always been there for me.  I am grateful for my Maternal Grandmothers–one for making a present for me in her arts & crafts class and bringing it to my hospital room, and for the my Paternal Grandmother–who talks about how happy she is that her first born granddaughter will be alright, simply because she is praying for me. I am THANKFUL for those prayers…

Let me say this too: I’m thankful for those who simply sent up a prayer of protection/recovery/safety/etc. over my life, and didn’t need to know intricate details in order to pray for me.  To those who have hounded my loved ones in an attempt to get more info outside of “she almost died”, shame on you. HOWEVER, I have to thank God for you all as well…because you are the ones who’ve been dismissed. When I ask God, in previous and present prayers, to show me who is supposed to still be around me, He gave me this situation to weed you all out.   I am THANKFUL for this ordeal…

I blink and get excited, because I realize that my eyes could be permanently closed. My life is precious to quite a few people, and I am glad that my loved ones have rallied around me to love on me.  I’m going to let them.

Humbly Blogged,


Benefit of drinking Black and Green Teas!

I recently questioned the benefit of drinking tea PERIOD because tea makes me unbelievably dehydrated. I typically only want tea when I’m not feeling my best, ooooooor to have a laugh by aggravating my best friend by drinking his tea, simply because it’s there. LOL

I researched this, and came across an article from the WebMD…here is an excerpt (article title is “Health Tip: Try Tea for a Healthy Resolution):

“For disease-fighting antioxidants, tea is hard to beat. Black tea and green tea have the most health-boosting effects, but green tea seems to be especially beneficial.

Some research suggests that these teas may help:

Lower cholesterol when you eat a heart-healthy diet
Improve blood vessel and heart health
Reduce damage to DNA caused by smoking
Reduce the risk of some cancers…”

Those were just a few of the benefits that I found when browsing through several articles! My next purchase? This here!

(picture taken in the privacy of my home; tea purchased at local grocery store in the Chicagoland area)

I’m sure I’ll enjoy this!

For more information on WebMD posts, google them or visit for more information!

Healthy Elle

Lipton tea brand is my personal preference; there are additional tea brands on the market, so please do not feel limited to my choices! Get what works best for you. I was in no way paid to present this information in my personal blog. I am also not a physician, and cannot personally guarantee the above noted results in the excerpt from the WebMD article. As always, consult your primary care physician before drinking or eating any product unfamiliar to you, or before starting a new regimen.

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