7 Principles of KWANZAA: Day3 (dec28): "Ujima"

photo taken from http://maulanakarenga.org

photo taken from http://maulanakarenga.org

Today’s focus is “Ujima”, which means “Collective Work & Responsibility”!

*Defined, Ujima means “to build and maintain our community together, and make our brother’s and sister’s problems and to solve them together”.

It goes without saying that we are in times where one only thinks of themselves…how did we stray so far away from the communities of old? Our children are selfish, and are also self-absorbed, which means they turn into selfish, self-absorbed “adults”; so the cycle repeats itself when THEY have children; it’s high time for a change!

It starts w you! Embrace togetherness, spend quality time w loved ones, and make sure that a home is a welcoming and peaceful environment, which will extend outward! Am I my brother’s keeper? Yes I am!

*information obtained from the official Kwanzaa website.