7 Principles of KWANZAA: Day 4 (dec29) "Ujamaa"

photo taken from http://maulanakarenga.org

photo taken from http://maulanakarenga.org

Today’s focus principle is “Ujamaa” (Covenant’s focus principle or 2012) which means “cooperative economics”.

*”To build and maintain our own stores, shops and other businesses, and to profit from them together”.

Entrepreneurs: if ever you feel discouraged, please know that this is a natural feeling when starting and/or maintaining you own business! Keep your focus strong and don’t be afraid to seek assistance! You never know who may be watching you as their example if perseverance!

Community: let’s support our brothers and sisters in entrepreneurship by patronizing their establishments on a frequent basis! Small businesses grow because of a support system! Be involved in the growth and development of your own community!

*information obtained from the official Kwanzaa website.