We Love Dad!

Couldn’t let the day pass without paying homage to the first men to love us! Our Dads!

(Helen Jones and her Father Charles Jones)

“What I love about my dad is that he is ALWAYS there when I need him. No matter what his circumstances are, he’ll manage to make a way!
Also, he makes friends wherever he goes; whether it be an event, the bus, the plane, the hospital… He makes/leaves his mark EVERYWHERE!
Everybody loves Charles!”

(Olivia R. Stevens and her Father Harold B. Stevens)

“What I absolutely LOVE about my daddy is that the same smile in this picture, is the same smile he puts on my face EVERY morning. Just knowing that nobody could love me as much as he has and will always love me is enough”.

(My Aunt Terri Lynn Smith-Anderson and her Father, my Grandfather, the late Ozzie E. Smith, Sr.)

“I miss my daddy today on this eighteenth Father’s Day without him; even after nearly two decades, it is still emotional. What I loved most about my dad was that if we (kids and grandkids) had any need within his means, he fulfilled them…during later years he called me to help him figure it out”.

(Khesi Pillows (my friend, far right) w her sisters Ashieka and Kiarra and Father Dr. Eric King)

“I love that my dad made sacrifices for us, and did what was needed for his girls to have what they needed. And he taught us that sometimes you have to give up some wants for needs. Example: I LOVED gym shoes and wanted new Jordans, Nikes etc.; he took me to the projects and said “if you want all that, this is where we have to live”….well needless to say I didn’t get every new pair of shoes! But when I did get a pair, I appreciated it more. That’s just one of the many reasons I love my dad”!

(JaTerra Castine and her Father Dennis Giles)

“One thing that I love about him is that although he had a rough past, he has ALWAYS made an effort to be there for us. Although it was rocky, I can say that he did the best that he could.He never gave up like how so many young men do today”.

(Ashleigh Chantrice Brown and her Father the late Carnell Brown)

“I watched my father take his last breath one month before I turned 18 and seven months before I graduated high school. He had always been my Superman, but his kryptonite was liver cancer. I was angry at the world and could not understand why God had given me such an amazing father and taken him away just when I began to really need him. I’ve since learned to not question God and know that people are placed in your life for a purpose. After they have fulfilled their purpose they become your angel to watch over you in heaven. My father taught me the importance of being a lady, to go as far as possible with my education and to always look out for my family. I graduate this December with a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism with a double minor in English and Marketing and although my father will not be there physically, I know in my heart my Superman will be watching me walk the stage in spirit”.

(Lauran A Smith aka “Elle” and Father Rev Dr Ozzie Smith, Jr)

“My Daddy STILL parents, and I’m almost 35yrs old (which I love that he still cares so much); his love is completely unconditional and he loves me w all of his heart. He’s my Super Hero, and the “mold was broken” the minute he was conceived. They don’t make them like this anymore”!