You may be wondering…why is there a picture of a notebook dead center in this here blog?

notebook pic

Well…this is a picture of the notebook that I used to keep track of all of the money that I spend in a day!

No, I don’t write down things like gas for my car, bills, or tolls, but I DO write down the deli run, a shirt from a favorite store, or vending machine purchases (for example). You would be SURPRISED at how much money you spend in a week!

I challenge you to HOLD YOURSELF ACCOUNTABLE! Keep Tabs On Your MONEY!

Taking an honest look at where that $5-$6 goes will make you do one of two things: stop spending, or get pissed off LOL! This notebook has forced me to hold myself accountable for those unimportant purchases that I make, AND I have now challenged myself in another way…for example, if I spend $5 at Starbucks, I will now force myself to save the same amount of money I spend…so I will now have to transfer $5 into my savings account for that purchase. I spend that daily at Starbucks, so I guess I’m now saving $5 a day! *whew* yes I’m pissed, but I am all about holding ME accountable above all else!

Try it and tell me how this is working for you!