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Enough For Everyone! (27)

One thing I’ve noticed in my adult years, is that kids aren’t the only ones who don’t particularly like to “share”. Big ole grown men and women have a difficult time either sharing the spotlight, acknowledging a milestone in the life of another, or are just down right all about self.

I know I’m not the only one who has experienced some form of “hatred” or pettiness directed at them. In every single situation, everyone has that “thing” which sets them apart from the next person. And that’s ABSOLUTELY the way it should be. For example, I am a singer. God gave me that very sweet gift, and I use it #wisely. However, God also gave Faith Evans, Brandy, Dorinda Clark-Cole, and August NightinGale those very same sweet gifts. My sound is not like theirs; and because I appreciate my own gift over anything, I can celebrate the impact that THEIR gifts have had, and continue to have, on my musical ear. To attempt to chip away at them as artists, downplay their success, or to completely try to copy their styles, means that my focus has shifted away from my own gift. There’s nothing wrong w my gift…and I can celebrate them as well as celebrate my own. Those women mentioned above can straight up and down SING. Period. They have a gift that they work on continuously…and so do I! If there’s enough room for all of those vocal beasts to walk around and ALL be amazing, there’s also room for me to be just as awesome in my own way!

As a community of “people”–not focusing on any specific race (because every race “hates” on another)–we need to do better in learning what our own personal value is FIRST. I said this yesterday in response to a post that I was reading…”so much would NOT take place when a person is secure in themselves; and so much WILL take place when a person is NOT secure in themselves”. Just think: if you are confident in your own abilities, another person’s gifts/talents won’t sideswipe or impact yours at all. Your belief in self HAS to be first priority. No one will be able to do anything in the fashion that YOU do things; focus on that! You are a brand…yes #you…and there is enough room for you to “make it”! The next person is also a brand. If you are lucky enough to experience your neighbor’s blessing/breakthrough, praise God for it; because that means He’s in your neighborhood (My Daddy says this OFTEN…and it’s so true; I’m living this now)! I have met some people in such a short period of time, who have received tremendous blessings in their personal and professional endeavors, and I’m thankful to be able to SEE it!

I MUST thank all of my #true supporters in my business ventures, and the ones close enough to see what I’ve been blessed w in my personal life; I love you and I thank God for all of you. God made enough room for EVERYBODY to get it! Celebrate and be grateful for the space provided to you, and you’ll be able to easily celebrate someone else’s!


What's That On Your Face??! (5)

All I’m sayin’ is…the makeup community is SERIOUS.  Doesn’t matter your ethnicity…people REALLY get beside themselves when it comes to makeup, brands, colors that should be worn each season, etc.  Just…LOTS!!

My friends do some of EVERYTHING, and I support them in their endeavors!  One of my good friends, Ms. Dawnielle Alfred, is not only a hairstylist who has been in the beauty industry for 11 years (previously Before Dawn Hair Design; now her salon studio is called Designs by Dawn Hair Studio), but owns and operates a makeup line that she launched in September 2011.  So…I haaaaaad to do “MakeUp Chat”. (and yes, she is yet another stylist that I trust w my tresses)…Let’s get into it!

For beginners (such as myself), I asked her what should a newcomer (or “makeup Neos”, as she calls them lol) do to get started: “for those women who usually don’t wear makeup but would like to start to enhance their beauty, I usually suggest starting with neutral tones, which consist of gold, brown, tan, and copper, etc. I tell my makeup Neos to start w an eye and a lip first”.  What’s funny is…if I #personally wear ANY makeup, it’s eyeliner, mascara and shadow…a shadow or shadows in neutral colors.  And I have TONS of lip glosses…#SAFEMAKEUPNEO…please, yall ain’t gone have ME lookin’ like a new age Bozo. LBS 

“Dawni” also strongly suggests that you use brushes for makeup application instead of the sponges. “It gives you a totally different look; your brushes create a blending effect”.  She also suggests that women never leave home without lipstick or gloss/mascara/eyeliner. “A woman’s lips should never look dry, an eyeliner is needed to bring out your eyes, and mascara is needed to make those eyes pop” (also, she suggests the use of colored mascara sometimes, which is a personal favorite of hers!). Another fantabulous point that she made is that foundations need to match your skin tone perfectly.  Per Dawni, foundation is meant to cover blemishes and imperfections on the skin, not to make you look dead.  We have ALL seen the photos where the foundation on a person’s skin is 2,631,268 times lighter than their natural skin. That there is that good bull.

Dawni has been doing makeup for eight years, but I had to ask how she got started w her product line, called VIVID. “I started styling clients’ hair and makeup for weddings, photo shoots, proms and special occasions. Therefore, I started to collect and purchase a lot of M.A.C. makeup.  One day my BFF Kellie said ‘girl…all that makeup you buy; have you ever thought about starting your own makeup line?’  After that, I researched different makeup companies and their development for an entire year, while saving my money.  From then it was history, and we now have VIVID. Hair and makeup is not a job to me; it is more like a hobby that I truly love”. VIVID makeup launched on September 24,2011, and I attended.  Sometimes you aren’t even aware of what you can achieve until someone speaks something over your life.  Not only that, you have to have faith in your own ability! (reeeeeeeeeeally hoping that this particular blog will push someone closer to their passion!!!) 

Now for the good stuff! (I love my friends yall)…

For more info regarding Makeup and Martini Parties (which I will host soon), appearances at beauty socials and vendor events plus much more, kindly email VIVID at or you can call 1.888.737.1107. VIVID is also on twitter (@vivid_makeup) and on Facebook (VividMakeupByDawn). From there you can check out her pictures from past events, etc.  Her website is under construction ( for purchases, HOOOOOOOOOOOOOWEVER you are more than welcome to go to her salon studio at 18350 S. Kedzie Ave Suite 103 Homewood IL 60430; for makeup/hair consultations, please feel free to call Dawnielle at 708.691.9323. She has the sweetest personality, a beautiful spirit, and a fantastic makeup line!  I am NOT a makeup person, but I am most CERTAINLY a patron of VIVID! 

My next makeup venture? My blue mascara!! Yuuuuuuuup…a VIVID purchase!