(photo of me)

This is the face of someone who’s been hurt.

This face sheds tears on a regular basis w the thought of Mom being deceased now almost four years.

This same face hides fears behind a smile; hides disdain behind a laugh; hides disappointment behind closed eyes.

This is the face of someone who is sensitive, strong, careful, yet searching for peace.

This face is attached to a person who loves like none other, and does it on purpose.

One thing about the person who owns this face…there are no regrets. Life is not a regret; the heart has no regrets; no REGRETS.

This face is mine; and whether the next person loves me or not, I love this “face”.


Product Review-Primer by Ulta

I am not really a makeup wearer, however when I get in an eyeshadow mood, I want to ensure that the color pops! I use this primer by Ulta on my eyelids:

(product purchased at Ulta in Orland Park IL)

This particular primer even feels like silk when I apply it to my skin, and leaves a gorgeous matte finish. It holds my eye color all day without the need to reapply! I also use this primer on my entire face as a way to reduce the shine that I sometimes experience in the warmer months! It provides great coverage and my skin does not feel dry!

I recommend this silky matte finish primer by Ulta for the novice makeup user, or for the seasoned user!  For more information on Ulta products, follow their twitter page (@ULTA_beauty)!