7BLOGGERDAYS: jan14 Favorite Outfit


One of my favorite outfits!

Lil black cocktail dress, funky purple wedges, plum matte lip color by ViVid, and a black polish! I was at a Halloween social and I had an amazing time!!


Blogger #ICON Series (3)

Yes!! Another amazing blogger to be added to my Icon series!! Meet Mrs. Ashley Patton!


The new Ashley B. Patton poses at the former historic Warwick Hotel (now Hotel ZaZa) just before walking down the aisle to marry the man of her prayers. Styled in this gorgeous strapless organza, high-low ball gown, complemented by royal blue stilettos from Aldo, Mrs. Patton was dressed to impress her guests!

Bio: Ashley B. Patton is a full-time mother, wife, and educator. A Houston native, Mrs. Patton loves to spend her spare time reading lifestyle books and writing about her life’s experiences in her blog.

I met the new Mrs. Patton thru Courtney Nicole, who is also one of my Blogger Icons! One thing that I can say about Ashley is that she is dedicated to motherhood! I love the posts about her little angel, whether she’s dressed in her cutest outfits, or whether she’s not feeling so hot…Ashley makes me proud to say that GOOD Moms do still exist!

Meet my new blogger boo Mrs. Ashley Patton!! Follow her blog!


Blogger #ICON Series (2)

Meet fellow Blogger Natalie Dianne Reed!


Fashion Look:

Glasses: Prada
Top: Rue 21
Faux Fur Vest: NY&Co
Bangles: Body Central
Ring: Forever 21
Pants: MetroStyle
Shoes: Colin Stuart
*Mixing HIGH and LOW to get the look just RIGHT!

Photo Credits: Marcus Genosky of MarKey Photography (NYC)
Location: Wichita, KS

Occupation: Environmental Engineer by day, Martini Sippin, Fashion Blog Writin, Sky High Stilletto Wearin, Diva, Fashionista, Frugalista, Good Girl You OUGHT To Know (Glamazon By Night)

Hometown: THE Woodlands, TX (if you don’t mind, please keep the word THE capitalized…when the post goes up on your website and I let my friends and family know, they will get a kick out of it. I will have to explain the fabulous, utopia otherwise known as THE Woodlands, TX…LOL! 🙂 )

Passion: Hmmm…what am I passionate about? Fashion (DUH?!). Make-Up. Family. Friends. Fun…I’m in LOVE with all the things that make me…welllll…ME! xoxo

I met this beautiful bubbly blogger via Twitter through my girl Courtney Nicole (My first Blogger Icon), and THIS young lady is amazingly hustle-minded! She’s gonna “get it”, whether you can keep up or not! Aaaaaaaaand she showed me the ropes of eBay selling! Lol!! Follow her twitter page (@PBLB08), and visit her blog/website at http://www.pearliesfashionpassion.blogspot.com!


Blogger #ICON Series (1)

Meet my first Blogger Icon Courtney Nicole!


Dress: Earthy animal print inspired Hi-Low hem dress (Poloy-Cotton blend)
Shoes: Jessica Simpson Women’s Astor Platform Slingback Pump
Jewelry: Gold Chandelier Earrings with matching Gold/Orange Bracelets (The AccessoReese Closet http://www.accessoreesecloset.com/)
Diamond Ring (Rogers & Hollands Jeweler)

Blogger: Table for One: http://thistable4one.blogspot.com
Chicago, IL

“I am most passionate about LOVE in every since of the word! I feel that every “good” deed comes from some form of love, be it charity, friendship, commitment or whatever! I am a single woman doing everything I can to leave my mark! I just want to have impact! The writing’s I post to “Table for One” are a true account of my daily victories and struggles. I feel that my experiences may in-turn, help, inspire or set example to my readers! Not just single women, but people in general. I know that writing about my experiences help me and the fact that they just MIGHT help someone else is rewarding in itself!”

Courtney has this “light”, hidden in her spirit, but spilling out of her smile; she is such a sweet person, and is very honest and “transparent” in her blogs. Being single was never said to be easy, and she makes it clear that it’s perfectly ok! Follow her blog’s twitter account of @MsTable4One to stay updated on her posts, her success as a blogger, and to find out what she has in store in the coming months! You don’t want to miss out!


#ICONS (8)

Meet our newlywed Mr. Fred Anderson!



Outfit Description: Slim Fit Calvin Klein Linen Suit
Jos A Bank Tailor Fit French Cuff Shirt
Tungsten Carbide Egara Cuff links
Joseph & Feiss 100% Silk Tie & Pocket Square
A.Cellini Brown Square Toe Shoes
Black Purple & Grey Argyle Gap Socks
Guess GC 3 Chronograph Watch

Career: U.S. Government Employee

Most Passionate: I’m most passionate about my God, Wife, Family, & being a better person. Learning new things extending my knowledge base and helping people.
Hobbies: Cars & Shopping

We absolutely love it when the men step up and show their fashion sense, and Fred’s style has always been on point!

Please join me in congratulating my 8th Icon on his recent nuptials, and saying hello to my friend, Mr. Fred Anderson!

#ICONS (7)


My name is Indigo Donnelly representing Chi-town! I am a junior at SIUC majoring in Fashion merchandising (and styling). I have on a metallic silver crop top, black high waist leggings, and a pair of Jefferey Campbells. Something that I am very passionate about would have to be Fashion! It is something that I have always been interested in since I was a little girl. I love everything from vintage, to futuristic clothing and fashion is something that will be a part of who I am forever. I believe that you just need to possess the confidence, the attitude, and ROCK whatever makes you YOU! ^__^

Beautiful young lady, takes amazing pics, and we’ve become connected via twitter! Join me in welcoming my gorgeous Icon #7, Ms. Indigo Donnelly!!


#ICONS (6)

Let me introduce to you Ms. Traci Daniels!


Outfit: hair-Kelly Jay (see #ICONS 4) necklace & bracelets-Dots, tank-Forever 21, skirt-Torrid, shoes-Payless, handbag-Louis Vuitton

Traci Daniels is a PR Consultant and a model, most recently ripping the runway in the “Dangerous Curves Ahead” Fashion Show in Chicago, IL. Traci will also be modeling for the Chocolate Sushi Couture & Love Verse Clothing Trunk Show this Sunday at 1932 S. Halsted (Chicago IL)! She is most passionate about living life to the fullest, and she does…w a beautiful smile in tow!

Everyone say hello to a really sweet lady, Ms. Traci Daniels!


#ICONS (5)

Good morning! I’d love for you to meet the absolutely stunning JerĂ© Moore!!


(Outfit description): Tan and Black Fedora from a local street vendor
Mustard Earrings from a local street vendor
Turquoise Tank from H&M
Gold and Multi-Colored Feather Necklace from Charlotte Rouse
Tangerine Skirt with pockets also from H&M
Brown Belt from THE DOLLAR STORE!!!
“Makala” Tan Wedge Sandals from Bakers
Light Tan Bag from Target (it is a cross body but the strap was removed by Jeré)
Brown, Tan, Gold, Yellow, Rust, and Pearl Bracelets from everywhere
Gold Knuckle Ring from Windsor
Nail polish (see her toes) “Did It On Em” by OPI in the Nicki Minaj collection

Name: Jeré Maria Moore

Occupation: DCFS Social Worker/Bartender

Where I am from: The mean streets of Country Club Hills, IL

What I am most passionate about: “Helping people, in any way, shape,
or form. I love to give, and I give unconditionally as much as I can.
I chose to be a Social Worker because I knew from an early age that no
one in this world can function on their own, and just as easy as something is given, something can be taken. You never know the pain someone has endured. If I can touch the heart of just ONE person, I am satisfied.” -J Mari Amor

She is clearly a beauty, and is also like a little sister to me. I am proud of her accomplishments, and I absolutely adore her drive and her electric smile! Welcome to my Icon Family, the gorgeous Jeré Maria Moore!

Jacque Martin: The Woman


You’ve come to http://www.ilovepoplife.com for an amazing product, and one that is rarely seen on the fashion platform in this fashion! POPLife by Jacque Martin has an amazing concept, driving off of the force of positivity and being comfortable with who you are. But rarely do you meet a designer as personable and as genuine as Jacque Martin. Let me just tell you what I’ve come to know about the POPLife Founder!

I’ve known Jacque Martin since our high school years, and I met her through a close friend of mine, who happens to also be one of her family members. One thing that has remained unchanged about her is her sweet spirit and contagious smile. Jacque’s positive attitude is also one that has been consistent, no matter when I would see her. She and I would always bump into each other in the salon, sharing laughs, playing with her daughter, and even clowning in a photo shoot together. She has an electric glow, and I truly believe that this same glow resonates in the product lines of POPLife by Jacque Martin and JacqueM528!

The world needs to know that amazing designers with good hearts still exist, and I’ve come to know and love one by the name of Jacque Martin. With every stitching, every spike, and every style, you get a glimpse of her very large heart. Her success does not come as a surprise to me, and I wish her nothing but continued blessings!


#ICONS (4)

Introducing to some and presenting to others, meet the Beautiful Kelly Jay!


Her outfit: Stone washed denim jacket by H&M, white tank top by H&M, hot pink skinny jeans by Love Fire, platform pumps by Jessica Simpson, accessories; hot pink leather & gold bracelet/spike necklace sold by Kelly Jay!

Kelly Jay is a Chicago native and is also a top Stylist and Make-up artist, working on video and movie sets on a regular basis, as well as servicing her established and consistently growing clientele. She also designs and sells fashion accessories out of her salon. Kelly is most passionate about her craft (hair & make-up) however, she’s always enjoyed fashion…and she loves accessories! Kelly enjoys a good meal and is very conscious of the food that she consumes…because after all…beauty starts from within!

Her webpage for accessories is under construction currently, so to stay in the loop on new jewelry items/get info on how to purchase her jewelry, follow her on Instagram at @ilovekellyjay!

This has been a friend of mine since ’99! Everyone say hello to my dear friend, Kelly Jay! Happy Friday!


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