Open That Door

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, and in all honesty, it’s been by design! I needed to take a mini break to get settled in my newest role…


Yes…as of April 1, 2013 (April Fool’s Day lol) I quit my job in “corporate America”. It came out of nowhere. Nope…I didn’t give two weeks notice; nope, I have not a single regret. I politely told my mgmt person this simple phrase: “I think I am going to have to make my last day here TODAY”. Imagine the look of shock on his face when I said that! I was confident in my decision, had already taken a peak at my financial situation, and decided that I had to act NOW. And I did!

I’ve been happy ever since.

Thing is, in order for me to truly get the weight off of my shoulder, I had to open the door of LEAVING that job. I was MISERABLE (I’m sure some of you have viewed past posts which made reference to my disdain for that place…), and I could not “find joy” in having to be there for seven hours and forty five minutes of my life, day in and day out, anymore. I thought about how much money I had been making there, and let out a sigh…the money was great, but not enough to keep me from being unhappy. I just know that I could no longer take the misery!

I left…and not 10 minutes after I was gone, I received two referrals to manage social media for their brands. For a while I had been working full time on BOTH–the corporate job and my career–and I was completely worn out. One had to go…and it was NOT going to be my PR Firm…

In order for me to receive the vision TOTALLY, I had to open that door of “the money is good at this job though”, walk ALL THE WAY out of it, and activate my faith. My spirit is free now. I may not be making the same amount of money that I was bringing home from the corporate job, but my clientele is picking up tremendously, and I have yet to be worried about making ends meet. I refuse to worry about what God has already done!

I challenge you to Open That Door. The door to working out, establishing your place in society, being open to love, mending a friendship, saving more money…whatever the “door” is for you, go ahead and open it. A huge part of your life’s work is to strengthen what already exists inside of you.

Be free to be who you are; my testimony is simply that I chose to Open That Door. Here’s a look at my door:

7BLOGGERDAYS: JAN11 Favorite Moment

One of my most favorite moments is when I decided to start my own business!

I was hesitant to do so in such a trying economic time…but one day, while on a brief medical leave from my job, I formulated my plan! I also recall being selected for jury duty, and thinking to myself “there is a chance that I will NOT get called; let me take my notebook and write out some ideas”…and that’s exactly what I did! I did not get called that day for duty, so I spent a FULL 6 or so hours writing out my vision for my company.

Well, I’m coming up on a ONE YEAR of being an entrepreneur, and it feels great! I woke up this morning to an email from someone soliciting me for their brands, plus emails from clients updating me on things that they need…that instantly made me smile. I LOVE what I do, and I am grateful that I did not let the financial hardships of the world cut into my dreams! Once I got over my initially hesitancy, I discovered that everything needed to “Just Do It” was on the inside!!

I am a better woman for staying focused on my goals! I challenge you to do the same!


7 Principles of KWANZAA: Day 7 (Jan1) "Imani"

photo taken from

photo taken from

Today’s focus principle is “Imani” which means “faith”.

*”To believe w all our heart in our people, our parents, our teachers, our leaders and the righteousness and victory of our struggle”.

In order to believe in a thing or in a person, you must have faith. In order to effect change, you must have faith in your own abilities!

Our community struggles due to lack of faith. In looking back in the days past, the “village” was our saving grace. We had “faith” in the fact that our neighbors would watch out for our children and our homes; we need to put faith back into our communities! I’ve stated all week that it starts in the home, and extends outward; we need to get back to a space where we are¬†showing our children what faith looks like and how it works! They are watching us…let them be the first to catch us rebuilding what was left to us by our predecessors…give them hope that they will have the same beautiful community!

*information obtained from the official Kwanzaa website.

Shooting In Newtown

My prayers are extended to anyone suffering during this tragedy.

In all honesty, I wish the gunman would have turned the gun on himself PERIOD…not on anyone else at ANY point. Those children, and adults alike, had dreams…and those dreams are permanently deferred…such a tragedy and completely ridiculous…

Be safe out there…if your kids aren’t safe in the school house, where the hell else can they go while the parents work to provide for them?




Company Webpage Launch


My company webpage is officially up and running!
Check it out!


Sunday Morning!

It’s Sunday morning. I don’t know about anyone else, but this is one of the most PEACEFUL days of my life.

I can count on the beauty of a quiet ride to Starbucks (Sunday morning routine is to get my Daddy breakfast and my coffee), and just to be alone w my thoughts of praise.

These past few weeks have been trying, traumatic, troubling yet triumphant. God won’t allow me to lose, because He created me in His own image…a winning image. I smile w the peace of God covering me and my loved ones, and I’m ever so grateful for His grace and mercy. He constantly stands up inside of me, when I’m at my weakest…and His arms have never been closed to me…that’s why I praise Him; because He’s already done enough! If He NEVERRRRRRR does another thing for me, I have 34–almost 35–yrs worth of blessings. I could be dead, on drugs, unemployed, transportation-less, homeless, hungry, poor, UNLOVED, alone…but I’m the opposite of ALL of those things. I have TOO MUCH to thank God for…

Spiritually Maturing w Every Keystroke,




FYI: I absolutely hate my “job”…the thing I’m using to pay bills only. And because I hate it sooooo much, I had to do something about it!

I formed PRbyELLE77 as a means to get me out of the rut of a “job”. I now have a career! I’m an entrepreneur who is, unfortunately, still employed w a going-nowhere position, that I have no desire to keep. There have been days where quitting was on the table even before I made it in. My peace of mind from “9-5” isn’t at all a resemblance of peace…please. The clock while at that place is my enemy…time just never moves fast enough.

I have been praying on a solution, searching for something better–something I would actually enjoy going to–and something that goes along the lines of what I currently do! Economy is low, right along w the number of available careers, so creating my own had to win over all else. What’s so CRAZY is…I love the people that I work with; I just absolutely hate the JOB. Grateful to be able to pay my bills…just praying for another avenue to pay said bills. Luckily I don’t have credit card debt or student loans, so I’m glad of that.

My confession will conclude like so: I will not sulk daily about the hatred for that place, but I will continue to grow and expand PRbyELLE77, and I will continue to use my gifts to get me to where I know I am of better use. I feel like a robot at the “job”; I feel needed in my career!

Take a leap of faith! Hell, my NEXT confession may be one that will surprise even ME!



Video of me singing!!
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