Big Decisions (23)

I have had to make some major decisions in the past year (and an even larger decision will be made in the coming months). But the biggest decision that I have made–outside of starting PRbyELLE77–was to give my heart to another person…who appears to be the #right person.

It was not easy. I was EXTREMELY afraid of a repeat of my past encounters in relationships, but I made a decision to “let someone in”. My heart, as well as yours, is a saaaaaaaaaaacred space…SACRED…

The only being capable of keeping my heart safe is God. I know this for a fact; He gives ALL cares about me, and it’s ever apparent in the fact that He’s allowed me to see the light or gloom of a new day for the past 12,410 days (give or take lol). The only other man who has consistently loved me, and has always been w me, is my Daddy. To this day, I can count on his love and support. However, when I met my love three years ago, it was merely infatuation lol. I didn’t think much of it; I was “dating”. My heart was w me completely, and at that time, there were several men vying for my undivided attention. Whatever; they were “half-assin’ it”, so I played them just as short. It worked bc they eventually realized that I had made the decision to take them w a single grain of salt. Ha! Thinking back, I had a great time playing the field…but…

Let’s fast forward to 2011. Communication became more consistent; my heart would explode every time I would see, or even think of, this person; my smile was uncontrollable; butterflies had permanent residence in my belly! This was different…so I made a HUGE decision to open up to the possibility of “real”. And w that decision, I was deathly afraid. God didn’t give us fear…so I had to let that go…

Welp! We’re in 2012, and we’re happy…loving each other in a way that has never been expressed before for ANY others in our individual pasts. I’m also so in love w ME, that if anything ever happens w us, I’ll be thankful FOR this love. And it all started from a decision to try something new…

All I’m saying is…decisions have to be made everyday. It’s the BIG decisions, though, that require patience w yourself, serious attention to detail, and faith that you are doing the right thing–even if it may hurt. My big decisions speak to how much trust I have in my prayers going up, and how much faith I have in God to lead me down an approved path. I’ve even asked God (early on) to remove this man COMPLETELY, if he meant me no good. One year and 12 days later, he’s still around…I guess he can stay lolbvs…


Keep Moving!! (21)

Don’t you absolutely HATE when someone takes something that you’ve expressed in the WORST context possible? And often times, it’s because they may be stressed out or tired?

Not your problem right? Right!

Someone took me making a correction to them, regarding something very personal to me, COMPLETELY in the wrong spirit, and as a result, I received a very snippy message. Now…20+ yr old Elle may have snipped back lol, but I didn’t. The thing that they were incorrect on is STILL important to me, and…in spite of their feelings, the correction had to be made clear. Period. No apologies, no take backs. I responded to the party accordingly, and separately from the group. This individual is a total asset to a specific project, and I don’t take their work/dedication/affiliation lightly. HOW-IN-SO-EVER…lol the thing personal to me still matters. So at the end of the day, I still appreciate that person, but they need to make note of the correction.

Thinking before “snipping” could save a relationship (professional or personal) from being “clipped”. Also, making sure to always “be you” and to be true to what matters in your life teaches another person respect FOR your life, whether they “like” you or not. As for the incident I experienced, we’ll just hope the other party is getting enough rest at night! Stress mixed w being tired is no good for the body and the mind!!

Think before you “snip”!

Smile ANYWAY! (19)

It’s times like these (in the midst of branching out and starting my own) that I have faced the MOST ignorance, hatred, arrogance, negativity, and pessimism. Welp! I smile ANYWAY.

People make fun or make light of things important to me; I smile ANYWAY.

People suggest that I go THEIR road, instead of paving my own way w faith, of course. I smile ANYWAY.

My passions and pleasures are expected to mirror that of another, or I’m supposed to just “be” a certain way because of who I’m related to. Well damnit…I smile ANYWAY.

I do the best that I can at being me, yet for some? EVEN THAT ain’t good enough. I smile ANY effing way.

There are slick jabs, subtweets, back stabs, and pure tasteless actions directed in my path. Honey…I realize that Lucifer has “relatives”. I smile at them too lol

Ever since God determined me to be “good enough”–and in some cases, better than that–I knew that life would be great, w a Lil side of bullshat. Who am I to think that I would be able to bypass darts and daggers? Hell, why NOT me? When people make the not-well-thought-out attempt to tell me how I should live? I smile ANYWAY.

Don’t you know I’m covered from my head CLEAN down to the pink polish on my toes? Will people be there on assignment to test my strength? Yup. Is the devil doing his job by attempting to bring discord in my most valuable and exclusive relationships? Yup. Will I succumb to the pressure to be like “every other PR agent in the world”? Naw. Should my blogs be gender specific or only in “one box”? Nope. I’m too many different levels of smart, beautiful, talented, mysterious, and clever. God made me this way; and because He just “IS”…I smile ANYWAY.


I'm Just Sayin' (18)

I’m laughing as I type this; super short and sweet.

It’s so amazing to learn about what people are doing behind the scenes; you know…the things that they would rather you be blindsided by. For example, the many smiles in your face attached to gargoyles (ugly people whose ugly insides eventually ooze onto their outward appearance) secretly telling family members/close friends/anyone w a listening ear major league bullsh*t…and why? Because their lives typically suck. *What they seek to control and cannot, they try to sabotage and cancel out*. Pay attention to people who always have a desire to “one-up” you…they “smile” the hardest.

People will be who they are, no matter how much they try to cover it up w successes, money, prestige, and power. Just let them be! When you learn how YOU work, what they are up to won’t hold any weight.

*-phrase coined and created by Elle



Choose Responses Wisely! (17)

You have to truly recognize when someone has decided that YOU are their target. And it doesn’t have to be a specific reason i.e. you forgot to call them at 8pm but called them at 8:02pm (petty right?), you missed their birthday celebration, etc., or you’ve decided to focus more on your own life…I meeeeeeeean the above reasons ARE reasons that people will put you in their line of fire…and w subtweets/sub-FB statuses/subpar communication…but it’s strictly up to you how you will respond…or whether you will even respond.

People have made a career out of being sh*t starters; that’s just what they do. They are often times annoying, attention-seekers, insecure, or some are purely just in it for a healthy debate (not all sh*t starters are whack lol). But now…you KNOW FULL WELL the difference. Just be advised that when you are doing great, stuff will always be thrown at you. If you are in a state of misery, or things aren’t on the up and up right now, some people secretly LOVE a person to struggle. Let me help you out (and this has worked for me):

1. Let them do what and how they do– you can’t change a person, but you do have options! Everything is about “choices”. If you don’t wish to communicate with them, well then don’t! If it’s on a professional level, and you’re dealing w a jerk, just remain professional in all exchanges; once they are aware that you just aren’t falling into their trap, they will move on to another.

2. Do not respond to their ignorance– this is self-explanatory; you don’t even have to acknowledge them. HIGH key, that pisses them off. That’s not necessarily your aim (or maybe it is lol), but remember…from a distance, a person can’t tell who the fool is if two people are arguing. Don’t give in to their whack agendas; it’s NEVER worth it. People able to pull you all the way out of your body like that have OFFICIALLY placed you in their pockets. Just ignore them.

3. Think about the source– if you know this person regularly has something to say, keep that in mind also before you make the decision to react.

4. Laugh– it burns calories anyway

People are on assignment to cause discord, and unfortunately, some of these assignments are self-imposed. There are a few who actually get paid to be jerks lol (I won’t name names, but you KNOW who they are, think about media outlets). But to the ones who are out here blindly on a mission to disrupt peace? Don’t be their next client.



31 Day Challenge! Are You Ready? (9)

This came to me when I was looking at my calender, lining up my models for my “Ordinary Fashion-Icon of the Week” Series (go to for more info on submission).

At any rate, how bout a 31 Day Challenge?  Who’s up for doing something kind and/or otherwise “out of your ordinary routine” for the next 31 days?  I love the Photo A Day Challenge that I participate in on my Instagram account, however my challenge will be more than photos; it will be “action”.

You can certainly pull my blog up from your mobile devices, but if you’d like for me to send you this challenge via email, shoot me over an email requesting same to: and I will gladly forward the challenge to you.  Have fun!  As always, starting EVERY SINGLE DAY off w prayer/bible study/worship of some kind will work wonders for your day…that is a given; no need for me to list that as part of the challenge.

May9: Send a silly text to your closest friend
May10: Drink water as your ONLY beverage for the ENTIRE DAY
May11: Before going out, call a friend/sibling/parent/etc and ask them how their day was today
May12: (depending on what time you start your Saturday), find your favorite quote and send it to twitter
May13: Besides wishing your Mother a Happy Mother’s Day, send up a prayer for those who never knew their Moms, have no relationship w their Moms, or those who have lost their Moms
May14: Exchange a pleasantry w a co-worker
May15: HAND WRITE (yes lol) a letter to someone special and tell them how they make you feel
May16: Smile at and speak to a baby! If you don’t see one, ask someone close to you how their kid is doing
May17: Eat fruit as your only snack
May18: Wear something blue, take a picture of it and post to twitter
May19: Cook a hearty breakfast
May20: Tell one of the leaders in your church (your Pastor, Ministry Leader, Sunday School teacher) just how much you appreciate their leadership–this will motivate them
May21: Exchange a pleasantry w a co-worker
May22: Post to twitter, w a hashtag of #WORDOFTHEDAY, a new word that you’ve added to your vocab
May23: Listen to some soothing music and tell us who the artist is via twitter
May24: Report about something positive that happened to you so far this week (either something someone did, or something you did for another person)
May25: Take a pic of your beverage of choice
May26: Take a pic of how you look first thing in the morning (lol I BET yall won’t do it)
May27: Call someone close to you and SING/RAP the verse to your favorite song to them, and hang up the phone lmao don’t even say hello, just start singing/rapping
May28: MEMORIAL DAY!! Tell us what’s on your plate!!!
May29: Exchange a pleasantry w a coworker
May30: Share w us something positive you read, and post it or a link to find it on twitter
May31: Eat ice cream
June1: Congratulate someone on an achievement (perfect time to do this…it’s graduation time for a lot of people!)
June2: Watch an old tv show (i.e. GOOD TIMES, I Love Lucy lol) and laugh OUT LOUD
June3: Go and speak to an elderly person/ask them how their day is going
June4: Exchange a pleasantry w a co-worker
June5: Wear something black, take a picture of it and post it to twitter
June6: Ask your mgmt person how your performance has been over a 30-day period
June7: Pass along employment information to someone looking for a job
June8: When you get home from your work day, stop and sit for approximately 5 minutes in TOTAL silence and reflect on your week
June9: Do something to give back to your community i.e. patronize a community business, donate to a cause, etc

*items in bold are dates symbolizing the “start” of a work week…positive encounters will work wonders for a person’s day*

Thanks for participating!



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