7 Principles of KWANZAA: Day 7 (Jan1) "Imani"

photo taken from http://maulanakarenga.org

photo taken from http://maulanakarenga.org

Today’s focus principle is “Imani” which means “faith”.

*”To believe w all our heart in our people, our parents, our teachers, our leaders and the righteousness and victory of our struggle”.

In order to believe in a thing or in a person, you must have faith. In order to effect change, you must have faith in your own abilities!

Our community struggles due to lack of faith. In looking back in the days past, the “village” was our saving grace. We had “faith” in the fact that our neighbors would watch out for our children and our homes; we need to put faith back into our communities! I’ve stated all week that it starts in the home, and extends outward; we need to get back to a space where we are showing our children what faith looks like and how it works! They are watching us…let them be the first to catch us rebuilding what was left to us by our predecessors…give them hope that they will have the same beautiful community!

*information obtained from the official Kwanzaa website. http://officialkwanzaawebsite.org

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