Small Business Saturday (nov24.2012) was a success!  However, let’s do our part to support small businesses 365!

Today’s SmallBiz365 feature is Solo Noir For Men!

This is a skin care line dedicated to MEN, and this brand also offers great skin care tips, which are posted via Facebook and Twitter!

Please follow Solo Noir in the following places:

FACEBOOK: (search “Solo Noir For Men”)

Twitter: @solonoirformen


For information on where to find this product in your area, or to see how you are able to get this product in your area, please email or call 885.777.6636!

Thank You for your support of the SmallBiz365!


Thanksgiving Thanks And Thangs

I’m thankful that my grandmother Drop’s surgery was successful.

I’m thankful that my family is MY family.

I’m thankful for entrepreneurship.

I’m thankful for little babies.

I’m thankful for marriage.

I’m thankful for my blog.

I’m thankful for the various opportunities that I’ve been given.

I’m thankful for the peace of mind of maintaining friendships.

I’m thankful for the peace of mind when I’ve severed relationships!

I’m thankful for music and singing.

I’m thankful for the love of my life.

I’m thankful for puppies!!!

I’m thankful for knowing how to “throw down” in the kitchen!

I’m thankful for the ability to hear what’s not being spoken.

I’m thankful for my smile AFTER July30.2012!

I’m thankful for my company!

If I keep going, I’ll type until my fingers fall off.

I’m SUPER thankful for that last breath that I just took, as it surely may have been someone else’s “last breath”.

Thank you, Dear God, for all you’ve done! If you never do anything else, I thank you!!


Someone You Should Know (30)

I had the extreme pleasure of interviewing Keith Luellen, a photographer w an amazing eye for capturing the most intimate and beautiful moments!


He is extremely passionate about his desire to thrive in this industry, and this young man is well on his way! Let’s take a look!

ELLE: What were you doing/where were you in life (i.e. job/school) when you decided that you enjoy taking pictures and wanted to pursue this as a career?

KL: “I’ve always had a passion for photography, but once I knew that I was going to be a father, I had no choice but to get started. Picking up a DSLR (camera) was no option. I wanted to capture each moment of fatherhood; and I wanted to capture it correctly. At the time, I was working full time for UIC Medical Center (currently still employed there). I began practicing before and after work.”

ELLE: Where is your hometown?

KL: “I was born in Hawaii and lived in California for a bit, but I’ve been in Chicago since 93′ so I am a Chicagoan for sure.”

ELLE: Any photographers/artists in your family?

KL: “My father was an “unofficial” photographer. But his work was amazing.”

ELLE: Who are some of your major influences?

KL: “Trey Ratliff has really inspired me. He is a great photographer! He was born blind in one eye which helped aid in his interests in photography. His works are some of the best I’ve ever seen.”

ELLE: Tell us about your first photography job…were you nervous? What kind of shoot was this? How long did the shoot take?

KL: “Wow…Good question…It was a shoot that I did for a makeup artist, stylist, and beautician. I took pictures of models and I believe that it lasted about 4 hours. I’m sure that I was extremely nervous. I can remember just having to keep taking pictures and saying to myself that one of these 3,000 pictures HAS to be great.”

ELLE: Do you have a ritual that gets you prepared for a shoot? If so, what is it?

KL: “Yes, I do have somewhat of a ritual. It’s funny mentioning it out loud, but I take a picture of myself and jokingly say to the models, “well the camera still works”. That tends to help relax the models and lighten the mood.”

ELLE: Name two of your favorite photography gigs.

KL: “I really don’t have a favorite, but the type of shoots that I enjoy most are the outdoor/family ones. Now that I think about it, I did an event with J’marcus Webb that I thought was really cool. I was his personal photographer for a night. It was at the 2012 Common Ground Gala, which is a pretty big fundraiser sponsored by the widely acclaimed musician Common Sense.”

ELLE: Who are your biggest supporters?

KL: “I have so many people in my family that support, that I can’t distinguish who supports more than the other. However, I can say that I greatly appreciate it.”

ELLE: Where can people find samples of your work?

KL: “My work can be found in a few places. The most common place is my personal website which is However, I also have pictures on the following websites as well.”


It was my absolute pleasure to interview Keith, and please be on the lookout for his work! For booking, please visit his website Also, on Friday November 23, 2012, he will be featured via “The Platform” at, as an up and coming artist in photography! Check him out and make sure to support his business!!



My Birthday Present!! (29)

I can’t believe it! In only FIVE DAYS, I will be only 35 years old. I am soooooooooo excited to see a new year of life, given the fact that I could have lost my life this summer!

As my birthday gift, I wanted to share w you–my WordPress Family–a Photo A Day Challenge that I created for Instagram (my handle is @mydearelle). We are seven days in (forgive me for not sending this to you all sooner), and soooooooo many are participating! I’ve made some new social media buds because of my little challenge!

For those unfamiliar, the “Photo A Day Challenge” is a fun game on Instagram that has been circulating for quite some time, where you are set w the challenge of taking or submitting a picture that aligns w that particular day’s assignment! For example, on the challenge that I created, today is the day to submit a picture of a puppy! Doesn’t matter if the puppy is yours, we just want to see a little puppy. Here is my challenge below; you can play “catch up” if you’d like:

Hashtag to use is #ellesphotochallenge

All you have to do is post your chosen photo to your Instagram account, and use the hastag #ellesphotochallenge! Whenever you use the hashtag, I will be able to see this, and I will instantly like your picture (unless it’s offensive or disrespectful). Those submitting their photos to Instagram are giving me one of the best birthday gifts ever! I typically celebrate November 12th ALL MONTH LONG, so why not celebrate this beautiful moment w all of you!

If you have questions, feel free to comment here and I will respond as quickly as I can! Have an AMAZING Hump Day! And thank you for celebrating my birth month w me by taking the challenge! 23 more days of a celebration of life!