I have been thru an ordeal.  Although the details are not important, the Thanks to God are.

I have had two weeks in recovery (so far) to reeeeeally reflect on what happened, what could have happened, and what actually did happen to me.  In ALL of that, I give Thanks.

I was afraid, and I was in a tremendous amount of pain.  Even in the PAIN, I was thankful that the Angel in my life got to me in time.

I was so “out of it”…to the point that I even responded to a text message without thinking; as if everything was normal. The fact that I was even able to reach my phone to RESPOND to ANYTHING–crazy moment or not–I give thanks.

I’m thankful for my loved ones, who have always been there for me.  I am grateful for my Maternal Grandmothers–one for making a present for me in her arts & crafts class and bringing it to my hospital room, and for the my Paternal Grandmother–who talks about how happy she is that her first born granddaughter will be alright, simply because she is praying for me. I am THANKFUL for those prayers…

Let me say this too: I’m thankful for those who simply sent up a prayer of protection/recovery/safety/etc. over my life, and didn’t need to know intricate details in order to pray for me.  To those who have hounded my loved ones in an attempt to get more info outside of “she almost died”, shame on you. HOWEVER, I have to thank God for you all as well…because you are the ones who’ve been dismissed. When I ask God, in previous and present prayers, to show me who is supposed to still be around me, He gave me this situation to weed you all out.   I am THANKFUL for this ordeal…

I blink and get excited, because I realize that my eyes could be permanently closed. My life is precious to quite a few people, and I am glad that my loved ones have rallied around me to love on me.  I’m going to let them.

Humbly Blogged,