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#ICONS (6)

Let me introduce to you Ms. Traci Daniels!


Outfit: hair-Kelly Jay (see #ICONS 4) necklace & bracelets-Dots, tank-Forever 21, skirt-Torrid, shoes-Payless, handbag-Louis Vuitton

Traci Daniels is a PR Consultant and a model, most recently ripping the runway in the “Dangerous Curves Ahead” Fashion Show in Chicago, IL. Traci will also be modeling for the Chocolate Sushi Couture & Love Verse Clothing Trunk Show this Sunday at 1932 S. Halsted (Chicago IL)! She is most passionate about living life to the fullest, and she does…w a beautiful smile in tow!

Everyone say hello to a really sweet lady, Ms. Traci Daniels!


Guess Who's Watching (16)

I was leaving church one night after choir rehearsal and I stopped to get gas. Didn’t really pay too much attention to my surroundings, but noticed a few cars. I finished pumping my gas, got in my car and pulled off. Looking in my rear view mirror I noticed a dark colored car…whatever, kept going. I take weird roads home…the car was right on my tail. I had enough sense to drive straight to the police station. Lo and behold, there was a policeman sitting out front…the mystery car kept going. First instance…

Was in the grocery store down the street from my home; noticed a guy kinda on my heels in the store but NOT on my heels, feel me? Anyway, I went on about my business, checked out of the store and got in Candy (my car). As I’m exiting the parking lot, buddy from inside of the store was RIGHT on my bumper in his blue old school Chevy like car…I drove up, he sped up; I switched lanes, so did he. I had enough sense to take buddy on a wild goose chase thru the suburbs and I ended up at the police station…the mystery car kept going. Second instance…

Aaaaaaaaaaand June 19, 2012, I was in Target, near my work place. Walking thru the aisles, getting my things. I look up and there’s a guy on every aisle I’m on. I kept on going, getting my things. I even went to random aisles…yep…he ended up there too. Okaaaaaaaay…well I get to the checkout counter, pay for my things and I exit. I get outside? Buddy is RIGHT behind me. I’m headed to Candy, he’s still right behind me. I had enough sense to walk by my car, zigzagged thru a few cars and ended up back inside Target. Ran into the guy bringing in carts and said (as I pointed) ‘this guy right here is following me’. The cart guy kinda went up to the guy and chatted w him, and I JETTED. Got my tail back to work, but was slightly shaken. Third instance…

I can’t stress enough how important it is to be mindful of your surroundings; I’m one to talk lol; I have tunnel vision BAD, but for some reason God keeps my “high impact workout” self in tact when faced w these types of crazy situations. If you know anything about me, then you know I’m animated, emotional, “cheerleaderish” at time…just a high impact workout! I have no idea what “menu item” I may have been in ANY of these situations, but I know that God determined that a hair wasn’t to be harmed on my head, and that He wanted me to make it home. I am grateful for God’s constant protection in dangers seen and unseen. You have no idea how much He is working on your behalf…so yeah…I’m going to be mindful of my surroundings, but there’s comfort in knowing that God is just as mindful.

Restaurant Review-Flemings CHICAGO

(photo taken at Flemings Restaurant 27 E Ohio Street, Chicago IL)

I recommend Flemings for more than just their amazing drinks (shown above was my Washington Apple on the rocks). The ambience in Flemings is absolutely beautiful, the service from their staff is excellent, and the menu will most certainly include something for everyone. Here is my plate after my delectable petite filet mignon and Flemings potatoes:


*Flemings is a chain, so look them up online to see if they are in your city*

Need I say more? Ok I will…GET THERE!


We Love Dad!

Couldn’t let the day pass without paying homage to the first men to love us! Our Dads!

(Helen Jones and her Father Charles Jones)

“What I love about my dad is that he is ALWAYS there when I need him. No matter what his circumstances are, he’ll manage to make a way!
Also, he makes friends wherever he goes; whether it be an event, the bus, the plane, the hospital… He makes/leaves his mark EVERYWHERE!
Everybody loves Charles!”

(Olivia R. Stevens and her Father Harold B. Stevens)

“What I absolutely LOVE about my daddy is that the same smile in this picture, is the same smile he puts on my face EVERY morning. Just knowing that nobody could love me as much as he has and will always love me is enough”.

(My Aunt Terri Lynn Smith-Anderson and her Father, my Grandfather, the late Ozzie E. Smith, Sr.)

“I miss my daddy today on this eighteenth Father’s Day without him; even after nearly two decades, it is still emotional. What I loved most about my dad was that if we (kids and grandkids) had any need within his means, he fulfilled them…during later years he called me to help him figure it out”.

(Khesi Pillows (my friend, far right) w her sisters Ashieka and Kiarra and Father Dr. Eric King)

“I love that my dad made sacrifices for us, and did what was needed for his girls to have what they needed. And he taught us that sometimes you have to give up some wants for needs. Example: I LOVED gym shoes and wanted new Jordans, Nikes etc.; he took me to the projects and said “if you want all that, this is where we have to live”….well needless to say I didn’t get every new pair of shoes! But when I did get a pair, I appreciated it more. That’s just one of the many reasons I love my dad”!

(JaTerra Castine and her Father Dennis Giles)

“One thing that I love about him is that although he had a rough past, he has ALWAYS made an effort to be there for us. Although it was rocky, I can say that he did the best that he could.He never gave up like how so many young men do today”.

(Ashleigh Chantrice Brown and her Father the late Carnell Brown)

“I watched my father take his last breath one month before I turned 18 and seven months before I graduated high school. He had always been my Superman, but his kryptonite was liver cancer. I was angry at the world and could not understand why God had given me such an amazing father and taken him away just when I began to really need him. I’ve since learned to not question God and know that people are placed in your life for a purpose. After they have fulfilled their purpose they become your angel to watch over you in heaven. My father taught me the importance of being a lady, to go as far as possible with my education and to always look out for my family. I graduate this December with a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism with a double minor in English and Marketing and although my father will not be there physically, I know in my heart my Superman will be watching me walk the stage in spirit”.

(Lauran A Smith aka “Elle” and Father Rev Dr Ozzie Smith, Jr)

“My Daddy STILL parents, and I’m almost 35yrs old (which I love that he still cares so much); his love is completely unconditional and he loves me w all of his heart. He’s my Super Hero, and the “mold was broken” the minute he was conceived. They don’t make them like this anymore”!




I loooooooove anything dealing in NAIL ART!!!

Colors, designs, anything goes when it comes to my nails…I also love collecting pics of other people’s choices!


Polishes reflected about are from OPI, China Glaze, H&M, and Orly, just to name a few of my favorites. And I also wear bright colors year round–who says you have to wear the colors of any particular season?!


Sign Up Today!


We are happy to announce that we now have an Independent Personal Trainer (Mr. Marcel Blunt) signed on as our newest client! He will be conducting clinics on Saturday mornings, beginning June 23, 2012!

Trainer’s Background: Marcel Blunt has been a fitness guru since his high school years. Many are familiar w him and his dedication to physical fitness, and he has conducted personal training courses for several years. He has now decided to conduct clinics in a group setting for those who have been unable to get workouts in during the week! After just ONE fitness clinic w Mr. Blunt, your body will be mad at you lol, but will thank you later once you begin to see your results!! Sign up today!

WHEN: Saturdays (if something changes where the Trainer will not be available, a notification will be sent to all members in advance. Inclement weather may ALSO prevent sessions from taking place, so watch the weather reports as well)

WHERE: we will meet at Homewood Flossmoor High School 999 S Kedzie Ave in Flossmoor IL 60422; please go to the track, which is off of Governors Hwy

TIME: 7-8am

COST: $20 per clinic~accepted forms of payment are CASH and/or PAYPAL

ITEMS NEEDED: water, towel, and a mind to come and get the job done! (if the Trainer requires you to bring anything additional, a notification will be sent to all members)

In order to sign up, simply follow this blog to receive training notifications and much more! Not only will we provide clinics, but we will discuss healthy menu items/recipe suggestions as well! You do NOT have to be a seasoned fitness guru to benefit from these clinics; all you need is a desire to be fit! So come on out and join us!

Further questions? Email us at PRbyELLE77@gmail.com ! We will be happy to help!

Please make note: We will be donating 5% of all proceeds to a charitable organization while the clinics are running. At the end of the clinic series (end of September approximately, weather permitting), the organization will be announced on this blog! As always, keep an eye out!


DISCLAIMER: you should consult w your primary care physician before introducing any new workout regimen to your body; these workout clinics are of your consent, and any exercises done will be done at your own risk. Marcel Blunt is not a licensed personal trainer, however has over 11 years experience with fitness training as a former football player, member of track and field/cross country, and wrestling teams. He has retained the knowledge from those teams, in addition to adding his own routines, in order to create his clinics.

#ICONS (5)

Good morning! I’d love for you to meet the absolutely stunning Jeré Moore!!


(Outfit description): Tan and Black Fedora from a local street vendor
Mustard Earrings from a local street vendor
Turquoise Tank from H&M
Gold and Multi-Colored Feather Necklace from Charlotte Rouse
Tangerine Skirt with pockets also from H&M
Brown Belt from THE DOLLAR STORE!!!
“Makala” Tan Wedge Sandals from Bakers
Light Tan Bag from Target (it is a cross body but the strap was removed by Jeré)
Brown, Tan, Gold, Yellow, Rust, and Pearl Bracelets from everywhere
Gold Knuckle Ring from Windsor
Nail polish (see her toes) “Did It On Em” by OPI in the Nicki Minaj collection

Name: Jeré Maria Moore

Occupation: DCFS Social Worker/Bartender

Where I am from: The mean streets of Country Club Hills, IL

What I am most passionate about: “Helping people, in any way, shape,
or form. I love to give, and I give unconditionally as much as I can.
I chose to be a Social Worker because I knew from an early age that no
one in this world can function on their own, and just as easy as something is given, something can be taken. You never know the pain someone has endured. If I can touch the heart of just ONE person, I am satisfied.” -J Mari Amor

She is clearly a beauty, and is also like a little sister to me. I am proud of her accomplishments, and I absolutely adore her drive and her electric smile! Welcome to my Icon Family, the gorgeous Jeré Maria Moore!

Product Review-Kellogg's

Since I’m on a 60 day fast (which means no desserts of any kind until aug1), I had to choose a snack (outside of fruit) that would keep me full, yet satisfy any sweet cravings. I settled on Kellogg’s Nutri Grain Cereal Bars in Apple Cinnamon!


These are soooooo good…they have other flavors, however Apple ANYTHING is a personal favorite!

You can find these at any major grocery store chain, down the cereal/bread aisles! Thank me later!

Healthy Elle

The BEST Part (15)

The Best Part

by: Elle

The best part about an apple is the crisp.
The best part about a plum is the juiciness.
The best part about the salon is the SHAMPOO (lil piece of heaven RIGHT there)…
The best part about a “job” is when you’re through.

The best part about not speaking is what can actually be said through your tears.
The best part about a smile is that it can hide your fears.
The best part about a loving “touch” is how secure it can make you feel.
The best part about being a Black woman is that we are symbols of resilience and zeal.
The best part about a bad day, is that the day HAS to come to an end, and the best part about that? God willing, you get another chance to do it all over again…

The best part about a lie is that it still isn’t as beautiful as the truth.
The best part about your feet is that they still can’t fill my shoes.
The best part about your past is that it’s YOUR choice to stay in it; it’s all up to you who you let KEEP you in it.

The best part about God? Before you spoke, He already knew.
The best part about praise is that it’s not about you.

The best part about a trial is the triumph at the end.
The best part about me?

…is my desire to win…

One Final Thing: The best part about “time” is that we all are given the EXACT same amount each and every day of our lives. The difference between you and I is in what I do w mine.



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