FYI: I absolutely hate my “job”…the thing I’m using to pay bills only. And because I hate it sooooo much, I had to do something about it!

I formed PRbyELLE77 as a means to get me out of the rut of a “job”. I now have a career! I’m an entrepreneur who is, unfortunately, still employed w a going-nowhere position, that I have no desire to keep. There have been days where quitting was on the table even before I made it in. My peace of mind from “9-5” isn’t at all a resemblance of peace…please. The clock while at that place is my enemy…time just never moves fast enough.

I have been praying on a solution, searching for something better–something I would actually enjoy going to–and something that goes along the lines of what I currently do! Economy is low, right along w the number of available careers, so creating my own had to win over all else. What’s so CRAZY is…I love the people that I work with; I just absolutely hate the JOB. Grateful to be able to pay my bills…just praying for another avenue to pay said bills. Luckily I don’t have credit card debt or student loans, so I’m glad of that.

My confession will conclude like so: I will not sulk daily about the hatred for that place, but I will continue to grow and expand PRbyELLE77, and I will continue to use my gifts to get me to where I know I am of better use. I feel like a robot at the “job”; I feel needed in my career!

Take a leap of faith! Hell, my NEXT confession may be one that will surprise even ME!


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