Benefit of drinking Black and Green Teas!

I recently questioned the benefit of drinking tea PERIOD because tea makes me unbelievably dehydrated. I typically only want tea when I’m not feeling my best, ooooooor to have a laugh by aggravating my best friend by drinking his tea, simply because it’s there. LOL

I researched this, and came across an article from the WebMD…here is an excerpt (article title is “Health Tip: Try Tea for a Healthy Resolution):

“For disease-fighting antioxidants, tea is hard to beat. Black tea and green tea have the most health-boosting effects, but green tea seems to be especially beneficial.

Some research suggests that these teas may help:

Lower cholesterol when you eat a heart-healthy diet
Improve blood vessel and heart health
Reduce damage to DNA caused by smoking
Reduce the risk of some cancers…”

Those were just a few of the benefits that I found when browsing through several articles! My next purchase? This here!

(picture taken in the privacy of my home; tea purchased at local grocery store in the Chicagoland area)

I’m sure I’ll enjoy this!

For more information on WebMD posts, google them or visit for more information!

Healthy Elle

Lipton tea brand is my personal preference; there are additional tea brands on the market, so please do not feel limited to my choices! Get what works best for you. I was in no way paid to present this information in my personal blog. I am also not a physician, and cannot personally guarantee the above noted results in the excerpt from the WebMD article. As always, consult your primary care physician before drinking or eating any product unfamiliar to you, or before starting a new regimen.


FYI: I absolutely hate my “job”…the thing I’m using to pay bills only. And because I hate it sooooo much, I had to do something about it!

I formed PRbyELLE77 as a means to get me out of the rut of a “job”. I now have a career! I’m an entrepreneur who is, unfortunately, still employed w a going-nowhere position, that I have no desire to keep. There have been days where quitting was on the table even before I made it in. My peace of mind from “9-5” isn’t at all a resemblance of peace…please. The clock while at that place is my enemy…time just never moves fast enough.

I have been praying on a solution, searching for something better–something I would actually enjoy going to–and something that goes along the lines of what I currently do! Economy is low, right along w the number of available careers, so creating my own had to win over all else. What’s so CRAZY is…I love the people that I work with; I just absolutely hate the JOB. Grateful to be able to pay my bills…just praying for another avenue to pay said bills. Luckily I don’t have credit card debt or student loans, so I’m glad of that.

My confession will conclude like so: I will not sulk daily about the hatred for that place, but I will continue to grow and expand PRbyELLE77, and I will continue to use my gifts to get me to where I know I am of better use. I feel like a robot at the “job”; I feel needed in my career!

Take a leap of faith! Hell, my NEXT confession may be one that will surprise even ME!