Guess Who's Watching (16)

I was leaving church one night after choir rehearsal and I stopped to get gas. Didn’t really pay too much attention to my surroundings, but noticed a few cars. I finished pumping my gas, got in my car and pulled off. Looking in my rear view mirror I noticed a dark colored car…whatever, kept going. I take weird roads home…the car was right on my tail. I had enough sense to drive straight to the police station. Lo and behold, there was a policeman sitting out front…the mystery car kept going. First instance…

Was in the grocery store down the street from my home; noticed a guy kinda on my heels in the store but NOT on my heels, feel me? Anyway, I went on about my business, checked out of the store and got in Candy (my car). As I’m exiting the parking lot, buddy from inside of the store was RIGHT on my bumper in his blue old school Chevy like car…I drove up, he sped up; I switched lanes, so did he. I had enough sense to take buddy on a wild goose chase thru the suburbs and I ended up at the police station…the mystery car kept going. Second instance…

Aaaaaaaaaaand June 19, 2012, I was in Target, near my work place. Walking thru the aisles, getting my things. I look up and there’s a guy on every aisle I’m on. I kept on going, getting my things. I even went to random aisles…yep…he ended up there too. Okaaaaaaaay…well I get to the checkout counter, pay for my things and I exit. I get outside? Buddy is RIGHT behind me. I’m headed to Candy, he’s still right behind me. I had enough sense to walk by my car, zigzagged thru a few cars and ended up back inside Target. Ran into the guy bringing in carts and said (as I pointed) ‘this guy right here is following me’. The cart guy kinda went up to the guy and chatted w him, and I JETTED. Got my tail back to work, but was slightly shaken. Third instance…

I can’t stress enough how important it is to be mindful of your surroundings; I’m one to talk lol; I have tunnel vision BAD, but for some reason God keeps my “high impact workout” self in tact when faced w these types of crazy situations. If you know anything about me, then you know I’m animated, emotional, “cheerleaderish” at time…just a high impact workout! I have no idea what “menu item” I may have been in ANY of these situations, but I know that God determined that a hair wasn’t to be harmed on my head, and that He wanted me to make it home. I am grateful for God’s constant protection in dangers seen and unseen. You have no idea how much He is working on your behalf…so yeah…I’m going to be mindful of my surroundings, but there’s comfort in knowing that God is just as mindful.

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