#ICONS (5)

Good morning! I’d love for you to meet the absolutely stunning Jeré Moore!!


(Outfit description): Tan and Black Fedora from a local street vendor
Mustard Earrings from a local street vendor
Turquoise Tank from H&M
Gold and Multi-Colored Feather Necklace from Charlotte Rouse
Tangerine Skirt with pockets also from H&M
Brown Belt from THE DOLLAR STORE!!!
“Makala” Tan Wedge Sandals from Bakers
Light Tan Bag from Target (it is a cross body but the strap was removed by Jeré)
Brown, Tan, Gold, Yellow, Rust, and Pearl Bracelets from everywhere
Gold Knuckle Ring from Windsor
Nail polish (see her toes) “Did It On Em” by OPI in the Nicki Minaj collection

Name: Jeré Maria Moore

Occupation: DCFS Social Worker/Bartender

Where I am from: The mean streets of Country Club Hills, IL

What I am most passionate about: “Helping people, in any way, shape,
or form. I love to give, and I give unconditionally as much as I can.
I chose to be a Social Worker because I knew from an early age that no
one in this world can function on their own, and just as easy as something is given, something can be taken. You never know the pain someone has endured. If I can touch the heart of just ONE person, I am satisfied.” -J Mari Amor

She is clearly a beauty, and is also like a little sister to me. I am proud of her accomplishments, and I absolutely adore her drive and her electric smile! Welcome to my Icon Family, the gorgeous Jeré Maria Moore!

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