Jacque Martin: The Woman


You’ve come to http://www.ilovepoplife.com for an amazing product, and one that is rarely seen on the fashion platform in this fashion! POPLife by Jacque Martin has an amazing concept, driving off of the force of positivity and being comfortable with who you are. But rarely do you meet a designer as personable and as genuine as Jacque Martin. Let me just tell you what I’ve come to know about the POPLife Founder!

I’ve known Jacque Martin since our high school years, and I met her through a close friend of mine, who happens to also be one of her family members. One thing that has remained unchanged about her is her sweet spirit and contagious smile. Jacque’s positive attitude is also one that has been consistent, no matter when I would see her. She and I would always bump into each other in the salon, sharing laughs, playing with her daughter, and even clowning in a photo shoot together. She has an electric glow, and I truly believe that this same glow resonates in the product lines of POPLife by Jacque Martin and JacqueM528!

The world needs to know that amazing designers with good hearts still exist, and I’ve come to know and love one by the name of Jacque Martin. With every stitching, every spike, and every style, you get a glimpse of her very large heart. Her success does not come as a surprise to me, and I wish her nothing but continued blessings!


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