Product Review-Clinique

I have sensitive skin and a very rich complexion, so I am very limited in the products that I can use. I’ve come to find (for my face) that Clinique has wonderful products that clean my skin thoroughly and provide the perfect amount of moisture, without damaging the integrity of my complexion!

20120602-103633.jpg(purchased at Macy’s in River Oaks Mall, near Lansing IL)
This liquid soap has no fragrances, is clear, and provides a rich lather w only one pump! I use this daily as a cleanser!

20120602-103757.jpg (purchased at Macy’s in River Oaks Mall, near Lansing IL)
This age old moisturizer works perfectly in the colder months. With me living in the “windy city”, the cold is brutal and dries out my skin. This replenishes moisture, and I even recall this being in my grandmother’s cabinet when I was a child!

20120602-103950.jpg (purchased at Macy’s in River Oaks Mall, near Lansing IL)
This moisture surge is PERFECT for summer months when my skin holds moisture! I use the same fragrance free cleanser accompanied w this particular moisturizer on the hotter days!

Clinique is a staple in my home and has actually been used by women in my family for years! The women in my family have beautiful and insanely FLAWLESS skin, and I attribute that to great genes and great skin care products! If you are in the market for a new cleansing regimen, try Clinique! They have everything for EVERY type of skin!

Next on my list to try from Clinique is the Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Balm:

20120608-055505.jpg (photo taken from

In a variety of amazing shades!


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