Lemme Just…(12)

…let you in on how good I feel.

Whenever I sit alone, I’m nestled by this feeling. I wake up in the morning smiling because of something I remember hearing. I can’t explain why it can stop me dead in my tracks and make me forget EVERYTHING I may have been doing. I cry because of it; I laugh because of it; I sing because of it; I LIVE because of it.

It was an instrumental piece in my Parents’ marriage, and it has brought comfort to crying babies. It COMPLETELY makes you escape from reality, and only makes you wonder why some things couldn’t all be this simple. Some people can tell by the look in my eyes, and others in the way that I walk. It’s especially different from anything that I’ve ever felt, and it’s the only thing that can take me through so many DIFFERENT emotions at one time…

My life has not been the same since I’ve been able to feel like this. I think to myself “I’m so INTO you”…and that warms my heart in such a way, just to even say it. I sometimes sit in my car and the feeling rushes over me instantly. I feel it even when I’m in the salon, on a plane, reading a book, watching Good Times, or even about to get my rest for the evening. It’s just CONSUMING, overwhelming, weakening…it won’t let go of me, and I’m not letting go of it. I wrestle w it because it feels so good. Something that feels THIS GOOD should really be a crime.

Only God could make something so beautiful…and I’m unashamedly and apologetically addicted. It’s like pieces of me are in the stars, and my epiphany?…is knowing that I’m soooooo gone. It’s soothing during a summer rain, it’s comfort when it’s cold outside, and I absolutely goooootta have it.

Nope…it’s not how I feel about #Sir (he is some kinda wonderful though)…

It’s what music does to me. Sir one day told me ‘you ARE music’. As long as music can make a person feel THIS good…I will certainly answer to that name…

(p.s.-if you paid attention, I dropped some song titles in this blog…see if you can pick them out!)



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