Tribute to My Queen…My Mama (10)

My Mother’s Day Celebrations are full of what you see below…looking at pictures, visiting her mausoleum, and just reflecting on the Mother that God gave to me.  And boy was she AWESOME…

You know how a person just knows you?  How something just “fits”?  You and your boo mesh well together; you and your best friend could talk for hours in your own made up language; you and your child (if you are a parent) have your own special time of play together.  Well…there is no other woman on this here earth–NOT ANYWHERE–that could have been my Mother. She knew me sooooooooooooo well…she could tell how I was feeling from an email I would send…even if I was trying to be chipper.  She knew what certain looks in my eyes meant, even if I tried to keep them covered.  She had a way w me that only she and I understood fully.

I have so many fond memories of my life and times w my Mom, and one of the things I will never forget was the way she put together my 30th Birthday Celebration.  It would appear that she created my “wedding reception”…almost like she knew she’d never see the day that I would become a Wife.  She made sure I had the perfect dress, paper invitations (no evites), plated dinner for my guests, two cakes, a wardrobe change, and last but certainly not least, my Daddy walking me into the room.  I had guests speak about me and what they learned from me, the evening was videotaped, my guests also did video messages to me, eeeeeeeverything resembled a wedding reception.  And it was in pure Barbara Fashion. We went back and forth about that party so much, and I almost didn’t want to have it. But I’m glad that I did; I realized what she was trying to do, and I didn’t fight her anymore…she knew that her time was short, and that she had to do SOMETHING to show me a glimpse of what my wedding day would be like (nope…Lauran will NOT be having the big, DUMB, stereotypical, First Daughter Wedding day…that’s for another blog LOL).

I am saddened by the fact that my future children will never get to smell her, hear her sing, hear her laugh, watch her play-fuss at me, just experience the essence of the First Queen that I’ve ever known.  But…because I am my Mother’s Child, I have a responsibility to them to be an example of a God-fearing, strong and nurturing Mother that my Mom actually groomed me to be, by being such an example.  She would be proud of the woman I have become.

As I close, due to the influx of tears that continue to fall as I type, I have to say:

God, I truly thank You for seeing fit for me to have such a wonderful example of a Mom. You knew, before I was formed, what I needed and WHO I needed to mold me into a Queen.  I thank you for not giving me a neglectful set of Parents.  I have been blessed beyond measure w the woman that only THIS woman can call Mom.  You are my everything, God, and because of your love, I still feel her around me.  She is always in my thoughts; not a day goes by that I don’t think about her, and not one day ends without me thinking about how blessed SHE is to be w You.  Thank You for my Mom.
Please send her my love and tell her that I miss her..



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  1. Nicol
    Dec 05, 2012 @ 12:29:36

    Awesome tribute!


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