A Lil Piece Of Me! (7)

Light and fluffy today!  

Decided to share pics of just a FEW of my favorites; some of you may have seen these on my various social network sites, however they are still favorites of mine…enjoy!


My Daddy (my favorite guy)
My Mother (may she continue to rest in peace)
My Siblings! :O)
A few of my accessories
Nuff Said…
Nail polishes
Headbands…love ’em
Gum balls from Origins
My Name

QUESTIONS…Do You Know Where And Who You Are? (6)

I’m the LAST person to try and slide my way into someone’s personal affairs, however there is always a time where a person can self reflect, regroup, reinvent, etc.  I don’t care who you are either…there is no way that remaining the same will produce different results.  :O)

With that said, I’ve come up w a list of questions that I feel need to be answered…but to yourselves.  If you want to answer them publicly, then so do, because guess what…that’s your business and your choice.  But regardless, folks’ lives are overdue for a sprucing.   

Maybe a nice lil walk would be a good way to ponder these questions…

Or…go to a place like this one in your mind…

Time to go though…
1. What “mindless behavior” can you cease in order to achieve your goals?
2. Sooooo…do you even have a list of goals?
3. When’s the last time you spent time w God?
4. How are you using your gifts?
5. Who are you envious/jealous of?
6. How are you giving back to your community?
7. How often do you tell a loved one (your choice of who) that you love them/appreciate them?
8. If you plan to be a Wife/Husband one day, are you taking the time to check yourself of behaviors that you need not bring into a relationship as serious as that? (you do INDEED have to practice those behaviors which you plan to make permanent…and they will become permanent)
9. That one person that doesn’t add ANYTHING to your life…why are they still allowed to be involved in your decision-making?
10. Do you seek to find the positive in a situation?
11. Are you one who always seems to think that you have these “pseudo-haters”? *rolls eyes*
12. Living above your means?
13. What sacrifices are you making to leave that situation (i.e. relationship/job/etc) that you constantly complain about?
14. Did you know that perception REALLY IS REALITY?  (Rather unfortunate truth, but a truth all the same…)
15. How do you handle conflict?
16. Are you “selfish” or “selfless”?
17. You have dreams of becoming a designer/business owner/etc…do you know how to form a complete sentence? (I’m not even being funny…it’s just TONS of so-called “Bosses” out here w no idea of how to use correct grammar, amongst other things)
18. Are you always the one telling everyone what your next move is?
19. Are you ashamed of the love you’re in/person you’re with?
20. Being bold/blunt is definitely a great thing…do you know how to be “tactful” though?
21. What is your prayer life looking like?
22. Who do you trust?
23. Who trusts you?
24. You solicit support for your endeavors…when’s the last time YOU supported an endeavor?
25. Are you always “right”?
27. Hell yeah you can shop til you drop and flaunt your digs…you still stayin’ at the crib or do you have your own?
28. What does your faith rest in?
29. What are you afraid of?
30. Who are you living your life for?
31. Did you realize that there was no question 26? (ha! Had to throw a curve ball)

Your greatest investment is yourself…or are you investing in what goes ON your “self”.  That’s whack…that stuff has no value in the grand scheme of things…you may look good (you “may” *shrugs*), but styles are always changing. Trends are fleeting; truth is forever; if you lie to or cheat yourself, you will have no problems doing the same thing to me or the next person.  So before someone else gets the opportunity to “tell you who YOU are”, why not figure that out for yourself. #ThankMeLater



What's That On Your Face??! (5)

All I’m sayin’ is…the makeup community is SERIOUS.  Doesn’t matter your ethnicity…people REALLY get beside themselves when it comes to makeup, brands, colors that should be worn each season, etc.  Just…LOTS!!

My friends do some of EVERYTHING, and I support them in their endeavors!  One of my good friends, Ms. Dawnielle Alfred, is not only a hairstylist who has been in the beauty industry for 11 years (previously Before Dawn Hair Design; now her salon studio is called Designs by Dawn Hair Studio), but owns and operates a makeup line that she launched in September 2011.  So…I haaaaaad to do “MakeUp Chat”. (and yes, she is yet another stylist that I trust w my tresses)…Let’s get into it!

For beginners (such as myself), I asked her what should a newcomer (or “makeup Neos”, as she calls them lol) do to get started: “for those women who usually don’t wear makeup but would like to start to enhance their beauty, I usually suggest starting with neutral tones, which consist of gold, brown, tan, and copper, etc. I tell my makeup Neos to start w an eye and a lip first”.  What’s funny is…if I #personally wear ANY makeup, it’s eyeliner, mascara and shadow…a shadow or shadows in neutral colors.  And I have TONS of lip glosses…#SAFEMAKEUPNEO…please, yall ain’t gone have ME lookin’ like a new age Bozo. LBS 

“Dawni” also strongly suggests that you use brushes for makeup application instead of the sponges. “It gives you a totally different look; your brushes create a blending effect”.  She also suggests that women never leave home without lipstick or gloss/mascara/eyeliner. “A woman’s lips should never look dry, an eyeliner is needed to bring out your eyes, and mascara is needed to make those eyes pop” (also, she suggests the use of colored mascara sometimes, which is a personal favorite of hers!). Another fantabulous point that she made is that foundations need to match your skin tone perfectly.  Per Dawni, foundation is meant to cover blemishes and imperfections on the skin, not to make you look dead.  We have ALL seen the photos where the foundation on a person’s skin is 2,631,268 times lighter than their natural skin. That there is that good bull.

Dawni has been doing makeup for eight years, but I had to ask how she got started w her product line, called VIVID. “I started styling clients’ hair and makeup for weddings, photo shoots, proms and special occasions. Therefore, I started to collect and purchase a lot of M.A.C. makeup.  One day my BFF Kellie said ‘girl…all that makeup you buy; have you ever thought about starting your own makeup line?’  After that, I researched different makeup companies and their development for an entire year, while saving my money.  From then it was history, and we now have VIVID. Hair and makeup is not a job to me; it is more like a hobby that I truly love”. VIVID makeup launched on September 24,2011, and I attended.  Sometimes you aren’t even aware of what you can achieve until someone speaks something over your life.  Not only that, you have to have faith in your own ability! (reeeeeeeeeeally hoping that this particular blog will push someone closer to their passion!!!) 

Now for the good stuff! (I love my friends yall)…

For more info regarding Makeup and Martini Parties (which I will host soon), appearances at beauty socials and vendor events plus much more, kindly email VIVID at vividmakeup@aol.com or you can call 1.888.737.1107. VIVID is also on twitter (@vivid_makeup) and on Facebook (VividMakeupByDawn). From there you can check out her pictures from past events, etc.  Her website is under construction (http://www.vividmakeupbydawn.com/) for purchases, HOOOOOOOOOOOOOWEVER you are more than welcome to go to her salon studio at 18350 S. Kedzie Ave Suite 103 Homewood IL 60430; for makeup/hair consultations, please feel free to call Dawnielle at 708.691.9323. She has the sweetest personality, a beautiful spirit, and a fantastic makeup line!  I am NOT a makeup person, but I am most CERTAINLY a patron of VIVID! 

My next makeup venture? My blue mascara!! Yuuuuuuuup…a VIVID purchase!


Men And Women: What You Should Know (4)

Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaah…this ain’t about to be your average “relationship” blog; yall see those frequently, and I’m not about to discuss my own (WHICH, by the way, is awesome). But at any rate, *clears throat and smiles*, I just want it to be known that there really isn’t MUCH difference between women and men. The OBVIOUS difference doesn’t need to be stated (hello), but think on these things for a sec:

1. Women can be emotionally charged; but so can men.
2. Men can be nonchalant, unmoved, and uncaring; but so can women.
3. Women can be opportunists/gold diggers/seeking to be “arm candy”; but so can men.
4. Men can date 12 other ppl and still hold #ONE higher than the rest; buuuuuuuuut so can women.
5. Women seek to be single parents (seeing A LOT of that lately); but men seek that as well…rare, but they do..
6. Men go to the barber shop for hair cuts/linings; huh…so do women (I personally have a barber).
7. Women are graceful in ballet; so are men.
8. Men hoop and play football; so do women.
9. Women can be multi-taskers and run a house like a champ; so can men.
10. Men can fall in love and STAY in love; so can women.
11. Women sell their bodies for MORE than just sex; so do men.
12. Men are gadget geeks; I know PLENTY of women gadget geeks lol
13. Women can nurture your mind, heart, and soul; so can men.
14. Men provide financial/emotional/physical security; women can provide this as well.
15. Women can LAY SOME HAIR OUT; hell, SO CAN MEN!!
16. Men can totally be attractive in uniform; so can women!
17. Women like to talk; so do men!
18. Men are known to be rigid and unbending; women are as well.
19. Women accept engagement rings; gtfoh! so do men!
20: Men are strong spiritual leaders in their homes; women are known for that as well.

I could go on…I stopped at 20 randomly…but the thing you REALLY should know is that you MUST take the person for who he is, not based on the stereotypes associated w “gender”. That’s part of the problem w any kind of relationship i.e. intimate, fraternal, spiritual, platonic, etc. We fail to accept the PERSON. I’ll tell you all something–and it’s something that people MAY not readily know about me–I wasn’t always excited about marriage…but see, you wouldn’t know that #now based on where I am in my life. Not by a clock though…being in love brought about that change in me. Seeing that marriages DO ACTUALLY WORK (along w having an example of “til death do us part” in my own home) kept a good taste about marriage in my mouth. However…had I decided that #Sir was EVERYTHING that EVERY guy was in my past, then I’d probably still swear off marriage, or love in general. Same for my girls: I’ve experienced an incident where a certain young lady just could NOT BELIEVE that her then boo and I were just cool. He and I were cool prior to her invitation into his life. But BECAUSE SHE COULD NOT grasp a relationship w a guy that didn’t involve sex, she perceived he and I to be bumpin’ buddies. Had I assumed that all women were this way, I wouldn’t have the Sisters that I have in: JoAnna Vanessa Wilborn, LaKeshia Adams, LaToya Lyons, Dawnielle Alfred, Charisma Branch, Cynara Baines, Jamie Fair, Shena Beamon, Roslyn Davis, Fiesha Burge, and Ambra Hendrix. I just wouldn’t have any of them; they accepted me for me, and I them.

IDK…if you want the best out of a situation, don’t expect a certain result based on what a person “is”. Look at what they bring. Embrace something other than your stereotype!